Seeking: "Colossal cannibal great white shark"




"colossal cannibal great white shark"?

Oh great, an even bigger something that can eat me to get freaked out about.




Per wikipedia, the top end of the Great White shark size spectrum is 21-26 feet long. I have no idea why they're getting so much spin out of the question of "What could possibly take down a 9 foot shark?!?"


Shark on shark violence is clearly rare; only humanoids kill each other.


Do you even Occam?
Obviously the simplest answer is that Megalodon still exists.


That was my thought when I read the first article somewhere a while back!

-What could eat a 9 foot shark?

All KINDS of things in the ocean that are completely non-mysterious. Also Cthulu.


You're gonna need a bigger shark.


Apparently Killer Whales do this on a semi-regular basis.


I cast "summon bigger fish"!
Rolls the dice


Or, as I read in a different article about this - an equally plausible explanation is that another shark the same size was fighting with this shark, and bit off the piece of that shark that had the tracker attached to it.


That was my thought too. Doesn't create as good a headline though does it? smiley


Really BoingBoing?

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Don't worry, this post has you covered:


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