Nine Inch Nails releases surprise new records

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Nah. They’ve released three pretty good EPs/albums since 2016: Not the Actual Events (2016), Add Violence (2017), and Bad Witch (2018).


Little typo in the article. It should read Ghosts VI: Locusts instead of Ghosts VII: Locusts.

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Free NIN while the world burn, the conservatives decide that death panels are ok and pro-life is for suckers?

Please and thank you.


Wow. Now I know what I’m listening to today. Some relaxing, happy ditties.


Am I the only one stuck on this loading page after clicking “Click here to download your digital goods”? The message says “We are waiting for payment confirmation from Shopify. Typically this takes less than one minute you can safely close this window if you do not wish to wait.” The thing is, there was no payment and so I don’t understand what payment confirmation the system is waiting for.


I never understood why there were not nine people in the band.



They are waiting for confirmation. Its a third party confirming the order (you could be ordering music that isn’t free). My guess is the server is busy. I put it aside and came back and then it let me DL it.

RE: the post - eh - I’ll try it. IIRC Ghosts was too experimental for my liking, but I will give it a shot.

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I just recently discovered this video of NIN performing Cars with Gary Numan. Trent can really rock a tambourine.


Yeah, it took more than an hour, but finally the download links appeared. Patience is a virtue.

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no, came here with the same screenshot to say exactly that.
I’ve been refreshing the page that “usually takes less than a minute” for 25 minutes now.
it shouldn’t matter about a glitch about confirming a zero payment since the zero payment was confirmed by the seller before the email link was sent, but I’m sure that’s what it is anyhow. bad code.

has anyone successfully DL’d?

edit, ok, server busy makes way more sense, but if it was a free dl, they should’ve just served it from the NIN site. they won’t because they want emails and addresses and whatever other metrics the payment processor provides, but tough shit Trent, I put in all fake shit to a mailinator email!

But please give us your name, email and address so we can use that for…for what exactly?


That’s what my burner email is for.

Why don’t they just give it away for free, though?

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Glad to hear 'ol Trent is still concerned about the sick among the pure. Too few are.

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Because they want your data. (I didn’t look, but maybe you can order physical copies through them direct and rather than setup something new just threw it on the store)

Both albums are available on bittorrent to download in hi-res MP3 and FLAC. I found them right away on 1337x dot to/home/ Just be nimble and shift click any results you like asap, after searching to open them in another tab, else the pop-up will block you. There’s pop-up ads, but they take long enough to load that you can close them before they appear. And don’t leave the page open or your cpu will rev up, probably doing bitcoin. Not the best situation, but everything seems ok after closing the page. I could post the magnet urls but not sure that’s allowed here.

Meh. It’s just a series of ambient tracks. Sort of interesting to the scholar perhaps. I’ve already deleted it. :confused: :sleeping:


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