No arrest or charges for white Florida woman who shot and killed black neighbor after yelling racial slurs at her children

Thank you! Came to post that exact sentiment. I’ve never seen that terminology used before.


Why does he wish the shooter called them? It sounds to me like she wasn’t the one who was a victim of any crime. It’s not like “murder Black neighbor” and “call cops on Black neighbor” were the only available courses of action.


I’m so glad I moved out of that shithole.


Her defense is probably along the line of “I feel threatened by the door”. I mean this without an /s.

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Hopefully the supply chain representing the Department of Justice has put in a notice to preserve evidence against Amazon, Ring, and all other cloud based camera systems for all residences with a 500m radius of the shooting.

At the very least, this should be filed by the attorney representing the deceased.

I would shutter to hear what “features” these camera systems are offering to MAGA white trash to ensure they don’t face any consequences for their actions. (eg. “We will auto-purge any audio and incriminating evidence created by the subscriber, before you can say subpoena.”)

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Killer Karen’s name is Susan Lawrick, age 58, per the local news.


Exactly. The police used to reflexively arrest the shooter in self defense cases. The SYG law simply prohibits these reflexive arrests, it doesn’t mean they won’t eventually be charged. It’s just the police are required to have a case first. People claiming self defense aren’t likely to slip away in the night if not immediately arrested. Why do so many people equate not immediately arresting with nothing being done??


Because historically speaking, it seems like law, order and justice are only for rich White men; everyone else is SOL.


Dunno. Must be people from countries where owning firearms and using them for shooting people is sort of illegal or something.


True, but whataboutism. This happened in FL.


This particular tragedy/miscarriage of justice did happen in FL, but gun violence is a national problem; wreaking havoc throughout the entire continental US.


I served my country and I love my country but Damn! this Jim Crow 2.0 bullshit makes it hard to remain a patriotic Black American.

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It never ended so no, not 2.0. It’s nothing new here. It’s always been there. Hell, it’s basically America’s characteristic, racism and discrimination.


Whataboutism doesn’t apply when you’re looking at a proper subset. “The fuck is wrong with Florida” here is that it’s in the USA.


Yeah, people from other nations can just say “They fuck is wrong with America” and it’s still true.


one positive side of arresting a murderer is they can’t commit murder again. that is kind of the whole premise of the system


The sheriff said the following about Florida’s “Stand your Ground” laws.

“That law has specific instructions for us in law enforcement, and any time that we think or perceive or believe that … might come into play, we cannot make an arrest,” Woods said. “The law specifically says that, and what we have to rule out is whether the deadly force was justified or not before we can even make the arrest.”

This is the kind of shit that made me move to Europe.


Not, almost the opposite of whataboutism, tbh. “Whataboutism” is an attempt to deflect or minimize criticism by turning it back on the person or group making the criticism by claiming that something they do is as bad or worse.

From an entire story about Trump’s whataboutism:

when he told Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly about his “respect” for Russian President Vladimir Putin, as former Hillary Clinton State Department and campaign adviser Jake Sullivan noted in Foreign Policy in February.

When O’Reilly countered that “Putin is a killer,” Trump responded, “There are a lot of killers. You got a lot of killers. What, you think our country is so innocent?”

Other examples abound.

My point, almost directly opposite, was that instead of reducing these kinds of incidents to “WTF Florida,” we have to recognize that this is a nationwide problem, and not just something that happens in one small corner of the country – a problem we hear about often in Florida because of their incredible Sunshine laws.

So, I wasn’t deflecting blame, which is the core of whataboutism. I was saying “Yes, Florida is a problem, but let’s make sure we understand that while this includes Florida, it’s much larger.”