No charges for Seattle cop who punched unarmed handcuffed woman, broke her eye socket

I had to look that up. And now…

…off to Portugal.


So. In that video I saw, the officer did not a single thing wrong. Not one. It was pretty clear to me she kicked him first. Can someone explain to me what I’m missing?


I doubt it.


I can. Adults are expected to outgrow childish “playground rules”.

Talia, as a police officer explaining to a jury, “But, but, but … she hit me first! By the Almighty Playground Rules that means I get to hit her back! You know. An eye for an eye sort of thing.”

Lawyer’s response, “Were you injured?”

Talia, “No. But, she hit me first.”

Lawyer’s response, “You cracked her skull, potentially destroying her eyesight, while she lay prone in handcuffs. Did you use excessive force?”

Talia, “But, she hit me first.”

Jury’s response … obvious.

Simple assault for her. Aggravated assault for him. With her under a judge’s thumb and him in prison we will all be much better off.


Well, there’s this:

My opinion: That was 100% male ego “I’m in charge here” BS.

My yardstick is this: I’m an RN and I’m sorta in the protect and serve business. If a drunk, belligerent patient kicks me (it’s happened --he missed) there is no scenario where it is acceptable for me to respond with violence (If, in the quite unlikely event I was in eminent danger of further violence AND I had no means of escape, then and only then would I respond with whatever violence I could muster to defend myself).

The cop’s response was reactive aggression, not defensive (It’s how I behaved as a teen. Acting this way now would get me fired or worse). The decision-making bar to deliver violence or issue threat thereof has to be higher for cops than it is for the people they serve --otherwise a badge is just a license to bully.

So, no. “An eye for an eye (aka bruised ego)” is not ok here.


Eye for foot doesn’t even qualify under eye for eye.

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I think that except for the hyper-exploited loopholes like the overcharge & plea bargain justice system bypass, civil forfeiture without due process action against the owner, and the assumption of good intent for the actions of the agents of the state the current system is in principle about as good as it gets, which is why the bypasses are so bad when used.

Given the circumstances that this poor guy was operating under: no way to get any other officers to help him, likely to black out at any moment due to the extreme pain of being kicked, being completely untrained in the arts of self defense against a smaller weaker and restrained opponent, and urgently needing to get them both out of the way of approaching zombie horde, he totally made the right call. In circumstances like these sometimes you have to accept that the other person loses sight in one eye.


I forgot to add drunk to that smaller weaker and restrained…drunk, smaller, weaker and restrained - she had all the advantages, he was fighting for his life.


At this point, any and all of these headlines can be rephrased to just “No charges for cops”.

I’m gonna go ahead and give this one a shot.
You may only punch someone if you feel threatened. Her hands were tied behind her back, she was clearly under the influence of substance and was impaired. For this, we have ways of dealing with her, like adding a charge of assaulting a police officer. What we do not do, in this country at least, is get mad and “hit her back”. This is not a boxing match. He is expected to control his emotions. He was in charge of caring for and protecting her. He does not have the right to attack a woman who is cuffed and laying down even if he is mad. Even if she started it.


Its seems they act a a gang. Police is the muscle, judges are the dons.


We had a similar situation here in Munich, Germany. A 23 year old woman was beaten by cops while she was cuffed, breaking her nose. The cop in question was tried and sentenced to ten months probation, but the police department still employs him. Said department has also not fulfilled its promise of paying for damages.

I can’t find any English language articles about it, but the Süddeutsche Zeitung has most of the articles collected under the following link:


Years of watching Cops, I think I recall more than one time when such an ineffectual kick from an arrestee brought laughs from the assembled LEOs, not potentially lethal battery. First thing I thought when I saw this was that this officer’s wife must have suffered over the years. His reaction suggests serious anger control issues that would put any husband in jail for battery – unless your husband is a cop,


We need the Dexter of bad policing


Death to cows?

He broke her eye socket. If you think that’s reasonable force to take care of a drunk woman, then I can’t help you.


A better translation would be “Death to pigs.”

Lucky she didn’t bleed on him… that has occasionally led to destruction of police property charges.


What I got was that the wrongdoers here were the police.