No charges for Texas man who tracked down and executed man who stole his truck

Oh no, murder by car or truck is very much in vogue among the fash. They did it to BLM protestors, they are doing it to union members striking, and it’s a worldwide trend which everyone can get behind (not everyone having access to guns).


Touché, I think that’s the 3rdish Amendment? The right not to have to use public transit environment be damned… they’re gonna take away are guns cars trucks and RVs!

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There is another option; the (presumed) thief had a gun, but the shooter or one of his buddies decided they liked it and so stole it from the corpse.
Which does make me wonder, was the person in possession of the stolen truck the thief, or had they just bought it off the original thief?

BTW is the “castle doctrine” related to “an Englishman’s home is his castle”, because you realise that was a joke right?


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