No, not really: A kit to 'grow your own marijuana'

Cautionary storytime! Please share your missteps and mishaps.

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I’ve not tried it (got logs) but apparently the kit bags of shiitakes are quite easy indoors. So far as growing any of them in doors is easy. Shiitakes like temperatures that you generally don’t want your apartment to be. But there are year round/warm weather strains.

Everything else I’ve tried is a pain but I was trying to do buckets. Anything else I add will be logs and ready to go blocks/kits.

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I’ve grown many varieties of mushrooms over the years indoors and outdoors.
I have all sorts of tips and tricks for anyone interested in home mushroom production.

I also have some cautionary tales like the one i mention above. It was one of the first batches of mushrooms i’d grown indoors, the first not from a kit. I inoculated several 5gal buckets of home brew medium (straw, coffee grounds, grain hulls, grain in hulls, sawdust). I placed them in the upstairs bathroom tub of the house we were in at the time. The mycelium took off like crazy and the buckets were solid masses in no time. i hung the masses in mesh sacks from the shower curtain rod when i was ready to fruit them, and OMG so many amazing huge oyster mushrooms. i was just selectively harvesting the big ones but it was difficult to keep up. there was another boom in growth and the next day when i went into the bathroom everything was covered in a thick layer of powder spores, and i mean covered like you had to brush stuff off to see it. i harvested what i could, a lot of them were slightly past prime as the boom made them go straight to sporing (so i dried them for soups). i cleaned that bathroom so well, every surface, used a special cleaner and everything. thought i was good, but some weeks later the first mushroom sprung from the molding, then some from the walls themselves, don’t ask me what the mushroom could grow on in paint and drywall. they started growing out of everywhere. i had to repeatedly sterilize with bleach and fungicides and no luck i wasn’t winning the war. The only option was to tear out everything, including the walls, ceiling, floor, etc. Those were some expensive mushrooms, and my ex was none too happy at the time.

never underestimate mushrooms. lol. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


“No, not really”

Do you mean… just for the record?


Hello, Mr. Reaper. What is your Scoville factor?


When i lived on Vashon Island just off of Seattle, I did a number of outdoor shiitake logs.
That place was amazing for wild mushroom foraging as well, so many varieties.

I also had the opportunity to take some courses with paul stamets, which was neat.

(i liked how the spore drive on star trek discovery was developed by a character named stamets, that was a nice little nod and wink to him.)

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The mushroom bathroom disaster sounds like something straight out of a comedy.

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at least i got a story out of it, and it is funny looking back at it, not so much at the time. :slight_smile:

Pretty much my attitude for things that go south fast. Some terrible family road trips are still paying in dividends as far as good stories to tell.


This happened to my dad in the mid-eighties too.

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