No plea deal for Trump in Georgia

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Meadows in particular is so screwed, because he made a deal in the federal case that doesn’t grant him immunity in Georgia. That means he’s in trouble with both the MAGAts (some of whom will be literally gunning for him) and from Willis (who’ll likely get some juicy tidbits from Jack Smith). Couldn’t happen to a nice guy!

As for the other two, the only choice with deranged bullies and pathological fraudsters is to go all-or-nothing. They’ve both long ago demonstrated they’re not interested in abiding by deals in good faith.


As a Fulton County resident, I’m both terrified and hopeful that I might get a jury duty summons for these cases. (But I think, maybe, that the summons have already gone out…but I’m not sure.)


Fulton County prosecutors do not intend to offer…Mark Meadows plea deals

About Meadows…Jack Smith is gonna give her a call and ask her why she wants to fuck up his case. I’m not a fan of Meadows getting immunity, but that’s where we’re at now, and we’ve got a much better chance of holding TFG accountable if Meadows gets his immunity deal, from both Federal and state crimes.

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It doesn’t screw up Smith’s case. Meadows already has immunity there and I’m sure was informed clearly by Smith that he wasn’t making any offers (and couldn’t) on behalf of Willis. There’s also nothing stopping Smith from sharing what he finds out from Meadows about TFG’s activities from the election thtough 30 January with Willis.

If Meadows wants to use this as an excuse to play games with his deal with Smith, he’s welcome to do so and Find Out.


I don’t think he could without Willis’ sign off, since it’s two different jurisdictions.

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safe from Fulton jury duty over here in gwinnett :grimacing:

I wouldn’t think so? Have they even set a date yet? I know Willis requested an August date but didn’t think the final date had been announced? I’d assume the summons would come in june or july if the date is set for August, though, yeah?

Two different jurisdictions, and this case is about what Trump did specifically here, not just on January 6th. But sure, let’s dismiss the person who has thus far made the absolute boldest case against Trump… :roll_eyes: This reason is why we have multiple jurisdictions. Plus, if trump manages to get re-elected, and Willis gets a conviction, Trump can’t pardon himself here.

Oh, and Smith is going first, as it looks like they’re setting their case for early in the year… so… :woman_shrugging:

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Meadows is represented by a very experienced attorney who was Ken Starr’s deputy and interviewed Bill Clinton. Saying that his lawyer didn’t provide adequate counsel during this process about the plea deal sounds like a huge stretch.


I think this means that Willis believes she has a rock solid case against these three. Plea deals are offered for a few reasons. One, in return for testimony against someone else. Obviously, Trump isn’t going to get this kind of a deal. He’s the guy at the top. Giuliani seems half out of his mind at this point, so I’m not sure offering him a deal would be productive. Not offering a deal to Meadows, though, that’s interesting. It could be that Willis views him as much as a ringleader in the Georgia crimes as Trump, or complicit enough in it that she wants a conviction against him. In other words, maybe his hands are almost as dirty as Trump’s. It also probably means that she doesn’t need Meadows cooperation to convict Trump. She already has enough from everyone else. Or she at least strongly believes she does. And @Mindysan33 is right, these charges aren’t connected to the federal charges from Jack Smith. This case involves trying to convince the Secretary of State of Georgia, and the Governor, to change votes, or do something to delay certification of the Georgia results. I mean, obviously it’s connected to the federal crimes in the sense that they’re all about Trump trying to overturn the election, but this case is specifically about the events that happened in Georgia. Giuliani accusing election workers of stuffing ballots, Meadows and Trump trying to convince the Secretary of State to find 11,000 votes. The federal charges are about getting Pence to refuse to certify the electoral college results, mostly. These are separate crimes. Meadows could be complicit in one, but not in the other.

The other main reason plea deals are offered is to avoid the expense of a trial, and the uncertainty of a jury. You offer reduced charges in return for a guilty plea. Trump will never go for that anyway. Giuliani and Meadows might, but no way Trump ever takes any deal, even if it were offered. But here, I think this is a sign that Willis is extremely confident in her case. Maybe she’s overconfident, who knows. We’ll find out. But she can’t afford an acquittal here. It would be the end of her career. Well…the end of this career. She could take the Marsha Clark route afterwards, but her career as a prosecutor and public official would be done. I can’t imagine she’d risk that if this case were a toss up. She believes she has as much of a sure thing as you can have. If she didn’t, I would think she’d make some offer, even if she knew it wasn’t going to be accepted.


I could see a case for making a plea deal that stipulated “Trump must enter into a binding agreement to never seek public office again” in exchange for a more lenient sentence, but I don’t think he’d agree to that anyway.


I’m not sure if that kind of a deal would hold up in a court, once Trump (inevitably) broke it.


Other analyses I’ve read concluded it would be legal and theoretically enforcable but probably not worth pursuing given how unlikely it is that Trump would even consider taking such a deal anyway.


Trump is never going to take any plea deal that involves him admitting guilt of any kind. Also, I have to admit, I really want an actual guilty verdict here. I don’t want him coming back later and saying things like, "Well I didn’t do anything wrong, of course, but my lawyers…you know lawyers…first thing we do, right?..First thing. And it would be the best thing, really. But my lawyers said this was the smart thing to do. I don’t really think it was, and I’m very smart, you know. Everyone says that. But they said this was the smart thing to do, and I’m a very busy man. I’m running for President, you know. Gotta beat Obama. Barack. Hussain. Obama. Gotta beat him. He’s the worst President we’ve ever had, you know. Gotta do it. Gotta beat him. So I said I did it, but I didn’t do anything wrong. And I won that election, really, you know. Everyone knows this.’ And on and on and on, ad infinitum. I don’t want to hear this shit anymore. I don’t want to be so familiar with his patter that I can write this shit off the top of my head. I want him gone.


Well, for what it’s worth, I don’t think Trump would know to reference Shakespeare like that. :frowning:


Begin compiling a record of potentially problematic bias on the social medias, and you might be dismissed for cause.


But then the BBS wouldn’t have an “inside source”.

Wink. Wink. Nod. Nod.


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