No please


Ah, thanks but no.


Yeah, really, no.


Aaaauuggggh! My eyEEEEEES!


I was laughing, then the last one popped up and now I feel a little queasy.


##Michael Bolton does not approve…


If that isn’t just a “Pirates of the Carribean” marathon, then a lot of people will be severely disappointed.


we were very unhappy when that popped up when we logged into Netflix this week.



Eh. He’s not my idea of sexy, but I met him once when he and a friend of his were shopping at a store I worked at. He’s a nice guy, as far as I could tell from the limited interaction I had with him.

So it’s still a no (especially that one photoshop of him in bed), but for me it’s a polite no. :wink:


Ha, that Shoop is almost in “so bad it’s good” territory.



You’all’y’all’ll be glad t’ hear that it’s basically a parody.

That’s right! I watched it!

And I’d do it again, just for the Kenny G scene!


No Chuck Mangione?


It was clearly all in good fun, but that’s a lot to spring on someone logging in to find something to get him through a 1am baby feeding.


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