Michael Bolton lip synching Gangsta's Paradise


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…which is, in turn, a Bad Lip Reading of Pastime Paradise…

Also, Bolton, your kitch-minute of revival is getting a little stale.


What the hell? With white women slap-fighting in the background, and then some dudes working out…? Bring back naked pendulum guy!


Dude’s trying for a comeback. I’d put my money somewhere else.


I agree, though somehow not the worst Bolton comeback in our time…


The idea of a guy who made his money singing now having to lip-sync is so very, very sad.

Milli Vanilli are rolling over in their graves.


Possibly the stiffest, most listless performances I’ve ever seen on LSB. Bolton needs to fade back into retirement. Pete Davidson’s performances weren’t exactly stellar either.
Dwayne Johnson’s lip synch of Shake It Off is still the best LSB performance I’ve seen.


The Rock really gets in to the part. Top quality syncing.


Everything this man touches is gold.


Shoot, even a Ramsay comeback would probably be better than John.


Maybe we should get them to swap their roles. Michael Bolton as NatSec adviser, John Bolton gets to launch his music career.

It can’t possibly be worse than what we have right now.


I so want to see a Dwayne Johnson/Jason Momoa buddy movie.


Then you haven’t seen Channing Tatum doing Frozen.


It’s not really my cup of tea but do wake me up when Dean Stockwell goes on.

Someone is a Blue Velvet fan…


I bet his wife is very plain


How about Gangsta’s Paradise in Korean?

Based on my limited knowledge of Korean, I can say it’s not really a faithful translation of the Coolio song, but it’s still pretty cool.

(As an aside, last I heard Coolio has lost almost all his hair save for a couple of dreads and has become a hype man for PornHub. How the mighty have fallen.)


I prefer his earlier stuff.



Sorry, but this is the best one.


He looks just like Brian Molko :smiley: Though rather more agile.


Had to look up who Brian Molko is. Tom Holland in drag is so much hotter.