Noah Ritter, 'apparently' kid who steals local news live shot, is apparently awesome




So basically, ‘apparently’ is the new ‘basically’.


I was impressed by the life-like nature of this computer-generated character:


Random nostalgia moment: In my youth WNEP was one of about six TV stations our antenna could pick up.


He, has, the, cadence, of, a ,young, How, ard, Cosell.


I read Howard’s book “I Never Played the Game” - which was good - but apparently took forever due to the fact that you can’t read it without hearing his voice in your head.

PS, this kid is adorable. But could be Cosell reincarnated.


Cue the auto-tuned version by Schmoyoho in 3… 2… 1…

"Apparently" - The Auto-Tuned Mix

I’m fed up with all of this adverbial distancing. I’m heading straight for ly.


Typical rookie mistake. You NEVER give away the microphone.


This kid made Jon Stewart’s “your daily moment of zen” a couple days ago, if you missed it.


The little boy was cute, but those Kardashian girls sure start young!


that was time well spent. Thanks!




I thought he was one of them new Nexus-6 models.


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