Nobel Prize in Chemistry honors DNA research that could lead to new cancer treatments

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Stop giving the chemistry prize to people who should be getting it for health and physiology. I’ll have to formulate a more complete rant on this later.

Don’t get me wrong, they deserve a Nobel, and this is very molecular part of biology, but the chemistry prize should be for chemistry. All that being said- congratulations to people who certainly deserve to have their work recognized and rewarded.

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But… biology is chemistry. (And, in a way, chemistry is physics.)

The neat boxes we tend to think in are shoehorned into a vast continuum of interrelated problematics. The divisions and labeling are all artificial and not always useful.

Though I admit this one is quite a border case. And there will be more, as chemistry is eating physiology.


Especially for chemistry, but honestly? I think that there should be a stronger priority when it comes to giving it to people who develop new understanding that shape things like synthetic technique. This part is just a careless, unexamined, and unprovable hunch: but if we rewarded chemists more for figuring out how a lot of this stuff works on a more basic and mechanistic level, the benefits to humanity could be substantial.


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