Noise pollution caused one in 20 heart attacks in New Jersey, scientists report

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I want to relay to every one that what a wonderful thing it is to have reduced “noise pollution” by 99% when we moved to Joshua Tree. All I can hear as I write this is the trees swaying in the breeze. It is the greatest gift I have ever given myself.


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Statistics 101 failure: “The researchers did not attempt to account for demographic, socioeconomic or other health risk factors in their analysis…”


along the same lines

“Air pollution and noise go hand-in-hand,” Moreyra said. “The question is: how much of this effect is due to particle pollution, and how much is noise?”

I would think that would be a key thing to at least attempt to control for…


Such as the high probability of the wealthy being able to afford quiet neighbourhoods




The neighborhoods around where I grew up in NJ are quiet, but not full of wealthy people. There are middle-to-lower income residential neighborhoods surrounded by family farms and orchards. When the latter are sold, the new developments are more middle-income housing. Also, businesses are located along the highways (because of zoning), so traffic noise isn’t really an issue for residents.

With so many commuters, few roads had sustained traffic all day. That wasn’t enough to disturb the wildlife much at night, either. It seems like this research focused on the red areas on this map:

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics also has an interesting map (chart 3) showing a breakdown of average wages, by county. Based on that, the wealthy are mostly in North Jersey:


It looks like they were playing around with the numbers-the way that there seem to be correlations between sunspot activity and the length of skirts. Is there a correlation? Maybe. Does it really mean anything? Probably not. If the excess noise is presented as just an additional exacerbating factor in the lives of people who die of heart attacks in NJ that’s reasonable. If someone can use this to get noise reduction measures in place that’s good. But this isn’t great science,

Holy shirt balls! Does this mean Il Douche was right about windmills?? The nth dimensional genius increases!! (/s, just in case)

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