Nope, men and women aren’t equally sexualized in comics

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In other news…[Female Thor is outselling the old Thor by 30 percent][1].
[/quote]My bet is that’s a combination of the “car wreck” effect, and the fact that the typical Thor comic books were generally boring so had a smaller than normal readership.

I’m sorry we’re not doing things on your schedule, boss.

Someone got up on the wrong side of the gender-divide this morning. It’s my time. I get to decide what I want to do with it, and with your peculiar brand of rhetoric, I have to say that it injects some joy into the prospect of slaughtering your sacred cows.


You know, we can improve comicbooks and women’s magazines at the same time. Nothing says that we have to fix one thing before we fix another.


You’re assuming that just because someone has a vagina that they will automatically be fully attuned to sexism in print media, or that they haven’t been socialized in a sexist society somehow… But it’s you changing the subject, not me.

I like comics and want them to be better for my daughter… what, precisely do you find so threatening about that?


If you were trying to make my case that irrationality is the driving force behind this, you’re doing a fine job.

Oh, no see… us wimmins should just shut up, sit down, and hope that some man comes along and validating us by finding us attractive as they find these half-clad female superheroes… it’s a blessing when a guy ogles us, you see, because that is the only way we have value in this world… duh!


You’re just proving my point. This isn’t a rational discussion of the gender divide, this is picking on comic books because you’re powerless to address real issues in a way that would generate change.

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Tell it to Marie Clare, Cosmo, Vogue, etc., etc., etc.,

So there is a problem with gender relations? I thought there wasn’t?


Why? Because I’m enjoying how worked up you’re getting? That makes me irrational? Sorry that I have normal human emotions. I’ll go back to being a robot so you can take me seriously. Because I care what you think so damn much. :cry:


And the next time that BB posts about representations of women in other media besides comicbooks (they do, occasionally), we almost certainly will. In the meantime, this thread is about comics, so here we’re talking about comicbooks.


I have to say that most of the ads I see here don’t fit the general character of BB. I don’t think it’s really a problem, but sometimes the juxtaposition of content and ads is pretty amusing.


How worked up I’m getting? Am I the one getting gleeful about slaughtering sacred cows (however you think that applies here)? I’m plenty familiar with your brand of useless online activism, it’s as egomaniacal as it is futile.

We? I can spot the lie!


And yet, here you are.


Actually… You’re proving your point.


And here I go, have fun telling yourself you scored another win for gender equality by acting like you should never be invited to social gatherings.

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Again, you are changing the subject here. Not any of the rest of us. Why are you so obsessed with women’s fashion magazines?

[edited to add] I care about comics as opposed to fashion magazines BECAUSE I ACTUALLY READ COMICS… not fashion magazines.


Pot, meet Kettle. Kettle’s made from white plastic these days, but I’m sure you’ll have a lot to talk about.


At least as much fun as you had telling yourself than we tell ourselves anything like that!

That’s all you, MAN.

and you seem to think -we- would be sensitive about not being invited to parties… interesting detail…