Nope. ⛔




But think of the savings giving up your common law rights will net you! /s


What the hell kind of nonsense is that?


Sure, but the “I” who clicked upon the “I agree” button, was only one finger who acted independently - not on behalf of the rest of the organism. Better luck next time!




I like this thread.




Definitely save you the time you would have otherwise spent looking for a good lawyer.


“I did not have relations with that country.”



“I did not lie to the American people repeatedly.”



“I am a legitimate Governor/Legislator/Administrator, currently.”


I’m done. Thank you.

P.S. This is too harsh on my part, and I apologize, for there are many great people in our government, currently, and I know that, but I am greatly concerned, currently, about the degradation of legitimacy of our society at the hands of our esteemed leader. Please remember what America meant, means, will mean, and is wont to be. Thank you.


There’s a line oft quoted out of context from Henry IV: “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.”

What’s routinely forgotten or omitted is that the line is spoken by a populist for whom the rule of law is an obstacle to his petty designs of fascism.


It wasn’t unusual for Shakespeare to have even his villains occasionally spout wisdom and truisms; that added interesting complexities and made his villains the best in all of literature.

Recommendation: Picked up Julius Caesar (with Marlon Brando) about a year ago. Excellent. MB was great as Marc Antony.


And now you share Shakespeare?

Who are you, hecep?

IMO, my man you know who, dog-lover, killed Hamlet.


I am merely a person who – like many,many others on these forums – has a great interest in many subjects and who has had many experiences in life…both good and bad.



Me too.

Did you get my reference? Name the actor, brah.


Laertes killed Hamlet. Is that correct?



I was looking for Patrick Stewart on that one. Next question?


My performance reference for Hamlet is Kevin Branagh’s version. Stewart wasn’t in that one. I can’t recall who played Laertes in that.


Yah, he is damn, damn good.

Branagh almost is Shakespeare, isn’t he?

He’s awesome.


Agreed. He infused a lot of energy into his Hamlet. I still have to pick up his Henry V; I’ma nxious to watch that one.

Anyway, signing off. Bedtime. My gal is giving me the look that says, “Logoff!”

Take care, friend.