North Korea blasts loudspeakers at South Korea because South is blasting North with same


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I do not see anything in the linked article about North Korean loudspeakers.


North Korea blasts…


You realise this means…


Next: The dance off!!!


I don’t care what they’re blasting back, I’m LOMA. Whichever country can rock out the hardest wins!!!111!!111!


…what else to say. A common scene in geopolitics.


No, but if north korea had even a speck of the technology they pretend to have they could set up some huge speakers and some directional mics, and instead of blasting south korea with music back they could do some large scale active noise canceling.


More like PSY-ops, amirite?


THE AIR ALONG the Communist wall through Berlin has been strangely quiet since the West acquired its new fleet of racket trucks — the ultimate noise war weapon, with clamorous horns loud enough to shatter window glass at 100 yards.

In the past, Red propagandists have been fond of trumpeting Russian martial music or Communist party songs over the wall into West Berlin, particularly at times when it would interfere with public gatherings.


“Mine.” --Finding Nemo’s seagulls.


Do they even have the electricity?

South Korea: “We have mobile phones! We have big color televisions! We have cars with air conditioning! We go on expensive holidays abroad! We have so much money we don’t know what to do with it! And our kimchi smells much stronger than your kimchi!”

North Korea: “We got a bomb.”


It seems North Korea uses its speakers as a rough and ready way of blocking the sound from the South.

The North’s broadcasts are harder to hear - possibly the result of poor speakers - and carry its characteristically strident condemnations of Seoul and its allies.
They may not be as powerful, but it is thought they do help cancel out the sound of the South’s speakers to some extent.


I’ve always had a soft spot for The Oatmeal’s pithy analysis.

(All jokes aside, though, I hope that team SK has the decency to shut off the K-Pop at a reasonable hour. Depriving the poor people within range of the speakers of sleep is hardly fair given their rather limited control over what the North Korean government is up to.)


You know, everyone hates noisy neighbors. They both need to STFU.


Let the DJ wars begin.


As I recall from my one visit to the border, there’s nothing but military outposts and Potemkin villages near the border on the NK side. So the only people it’s annoying is the soldiers.


Soldiers are people too. :stuck_out_tongue:

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