North Korea envoy Kim Hyok Chol and 4 others executed over failed Trump-Kim summit

Adios boys, better luck next time…

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Honestly, if it weren’t for the risk of precedent-setting; I’d be OK with Trump having broad discretionary power to execute his immediate underlings. The ones he has selected have done a very, very, good job of deserving it.


Yeah, but the underlings come after he’s done killing the enemies of the people.

But the ones he’d execute first are the very people who have kept him from doing even more horrific things by ignoring his most insane directives.


Like tRump cares. He might flub the next one just for the lolz of some non-white dudes getting executed.


I do not expect it blips on his radar.

Was this rampage because of the Trump-Kim circle-jerk summit sex-tape or the recent Bong Joon Ho Palm D’or win? Both could be likely triggers.

Let us assume the DPRK media report was Fake News… designed to make Trump jealous. How can Cadet Phony Bone Spurs out-Kim his perception of Kim? Blasting disgraced minions with direct artillery fire - beat THAT, Donny!


Logically this would have the effect of causing future officials ask for asylum after a botched negotiation.

Except I’m not sure China would honor requests for asylum.

Kim is a lot like Trump – no matter what you do for him, he’ll always end up stabbing you in the back. Of course Kim is a bit more literal about it so far.


I’m thinking more like I knew there was something wrong with the guy that’s why I left the meeting, maybe we can try again.

Trump walks into meeting with new negotiator…
sits down
Thinks “Wait is this the same guy, I thought he was dead, he sure looks the same, but hey, they all look the same!”
Says “Wait is this the same guy, I thought he was dead, he sure looks the same, but hey, they all look the same!”


Except they didn’t make any “mistakes.” They were faithfully attempting to implement Kim Jong-un’s policies, which are virtually unimplementable (letting DPRK keep nuclear weapons, keep their unaltered police state, and have all international sanctions lifted at the same time).

IF these executions actually occurred (and we really don’t know if they have), it would reveal an even greater reality-disconnect than was previously assessed. This seemed to be new. This is something Kim Il-Sung or Kim Jong-Il would not have done.

No matter what, Little Rocketman will still love Donnie. I know, because Donnie keeps saying so and if you can’t believe a life long liar and fraud, who can you believe?

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A lot of the madness was caused by having 200 years of industrial development in 20 years. Russia had barely ended feudalism (it officially ended in 1861, but unofficially carried on for about another 50 years) when the 1917 revolutions happened.


Honestly not sure. 600 pages later, and I’m not certain if he was even a sociopath.

It wasn’t the banality of evil (although that was definitely several of the magnates). He didn’t seem to enjoy people’s pain or even their fear. (Although he accepted it as a cost of ruling and eventually got suspicious if you weren’t fearful.)

It was just as if history required that millions die for communism to succeed. Regrettable, but no sense crying over it.

He also didn’t tend to give a lot of orders. Instead, he’d say something vague about how “it would be nice to see something” or “don’t you think something ought to be done”. Your career was then on the line. You had to interpret what he wanted, and do it. And if you mis-guessed, or if it failed, well, that was all on you, because he never ordered you to do it.

Then again, it was almost comic how near the end of his life he was quite lonely, an no-one wanted to eat at his table any longer than required.

All the bits of his personality don’t make a cohesive whole, which is why I’m still thinking about him weeks later.

things that make you go “hmmmm”


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