North Korea fires 'several' ballistic missiles into Sea of Japan, reports South Korean military


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Translation: “We are starving. Western “enemies,” please send more food.”


Short range missiles? That’s fine, that’s fine, no reason for Trump to flip out, then. Unless Mueller’s investigation is doing something to particularly frustrate him, like investigate one of Trump’s buddies - oh, for fuck’s sake.


I keep hoping that Poseidon will rise up in anger…


Expect severe finger wagging from Japan any second now.


That guy seems to have an endless supply of missiles.


Like so?


They have to get their warheads miniaturised and missiles working ASAP or they’re dead, and they know that.


He just did. In Texas.


Alternat headline: Just Another Day in Japan.



North Korea has got one too.


Did Kim Jun (fill in as appropriate) have Gojira kidnapped and forced him to take part?


Paul Fischer’s book A Kim Jong-Il Production says that the Japanese crew, including Kempachiro Satsuma, who had worn the suit for the latest Gojira film, were recruited for what they were told was a Hollywood film being made in China. After a few days filming in Beijing, they were told the rest of the film would be shot in North Korea.

Shin Sang-ok really had been kidnapped on Kim Jong-Il’s orders


Holy Mothra!


As evangelicals keep wanting to tell us, Texas did something to make God angry. That’s how this works, right?


As of this morning reports are saying that all three missiles seem to have failed, including one which exploded almost immediately after launch.


More like USA did something God didn’t like. USA wasn’t hit by any hurricane while Obama was president.


no way, God & Texas are buddies, it was California