North Korea launches cruise missiles in 5th weapons test this year

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The missus and I were watching, “Parasite” the other day, and marveled at the secret bunker under the house.

I was amused at the difference in the types of personality who build such bunkers in SK versus the US. The wealthy, sophisticated versus the Prepper stereotype.

The missus replied, “Yeah, well. It’d be a different story here if, I dunno, Canada periodically fired a missile into Lake Michigan just for the hell of it.”


My in-laws, in Nara Japan, are in the flight path of those NK missile tests.

Their attitude is basically, “I spent my youth fleeing from American bombers, I am too tired for this crap now. Come and get me”.


I can’t believe Trump is letting this happen.

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“Yeah, well. It’d be a different story here if, I dunno, Canada periodically fired a missile into Lake Michigan just for the hell of it.”

We used to… :canada: but that was a while ago.

Remember when :north_korea: missile launches used to cause sudden stock market drops?


Look at a map. North Korea shoots their missiles into the largest pool of international water they have access to. When they did test a long distance missile that flew high over Japan, well inte space above satellites, they aimed it so it would pass between the islands of Japan to be as little provocative as they could.

Not all countries have conquered convenient little islands in the middle of the Pacific where they can fire missiler or detonate nukes far from anyone else.


Ah yes, North Korea. That country with a long history of avoiding provocation and controversy. I will let the readers in the thread decide for themselves whether they deserve the benefit of the doubt, based off of a few key pieces of information:

The map of the long range missile tests, which somewhat bears out your claim:


And their own propaganda about these missile launches:

Or how recently they have threatened to bomb Japan:


This is where the U.S. needs a handy pile of old postcards from Libya, ones with Ghaddafi’s smiling face on them, that they can send to a few key NK higher-ups… put a friendly greeting on the back wishing them a happy … whatever it is that month they are celebrating.

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Perfectly timed to get all the old people to come out and vote the “commies” out of the South Korean government. Election Day is today. Usually helps to spike the conservative vote if the missile launch is a day before Election Day. Otherwise they would have launched it today, which is actually Kim’s birthday.

If you don’t think this logic works out, the 10 years of conservative rule of “don’t even talk with them” made it easier to justify the propaganda “everyone is against us, and South Korea is just the puppet of the evil American Empire.” It’s a lot more complicated to deal with overtures from the progressive Moon administration and to pretend to move towards openness and peace.

Actual scaremongering material forwarded among the elderly via messenger apps: “April 15th Election Day is the same as Kim Il-sung’s birthday… coincidence?”

Last month:



Judging from the tweet stream they were testing 3 different types of missiles only one of which looked like a cruise missile to me.

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The fate of Ghadaffi and Saddam just confirmed to North Korea that their program to build nuclear weapons and missiles was necessary and successful. That only a nuclear deterent can prevent US aggression. North Korea makes propaganda videos and minor provokations, USA invades countries.


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