North Korea test-fires a missile into the sea just before Trump meets with China's Xi


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Man, the one time that you wish the Norks had a better missile program and better timing…

But on a more serious note, what could they possibly be hoping to achieve? "Here’s our latest in a series of moderately dangerous, but very limited capacity armaments. HEY! Look at me!"
It kind of seems like a kid bringing a stick to a gunfight.


Honestly not bizarre at all if one actually follows news about the region, this is no more or less than is generally said about these level meetings at that point in the timeline.

This is what it is about, not POTUS Trump.

It isn’t about China, its about SK & JP


And if that sentence doesn’t terrify you, you haven’t been paying attention.

Or you’ve gone completely numb inside and out. One of the two.


Poseidon will feel the wrath of Juche! The sea will think twice before flooding Chosŏn!


That’s not a phrase that the Secretary of State should ever use about any country, unless they’ve given up entirely.


He doesn’t have any comment because his staff (of one) is still trying to figure out how to use the phones. Or maybe Kushner has taken over the Nork thing, now?

Is [This] a perfectly spherical cow because I don’t think “aboutness”, in this context, is so easily constrained to Japan.


I think it might be a reaction to this:

Maybe someone actually had a good idea to tone down the rhetoric after a prominent member of the government insulted the leader of a historically-unstable country.

Or maybe I’m giving somebody far too much credit.


Yikes. I hadn’t seen that yet. Christ on a cracker, McCain, switch to decaf.


What a lot of people don’t know is that south korea, china and a few others all send food aid to north korea so their populace doesn’t starve to death.

So every once and a while, north korea feels the need to act out in a bid to remain relevant; if they are forgotten, the world may forget to feed them.


tRump is itching for a shooting war…


Very doubtful


“Politics is hard. Who knew that? War is simple. I lerned that in a book called Apostophics Now. It’s all about shooting stuff. Right? Everyone knows that. It gets stuff done, and I never lose.”


Agreed, because trump doesn’t have the international political chops to understand how he might get into or out of a shooting war. That said, he certainly DOES possess the poor character qualities that could easily provide the raw materials needed for military engagement with [take your pick].


Let's Go!

Maybe if trump’s the one carrying the guidon at the front of the march, I’d follow…

…hahahaha that’s silly, there’s nothing he could do to make me follow him into battle.


I’m sure that the whole of South Korea feels the same.


The great starvation was back in the '90s; since then the food aid has been more supplemental than life saving. But…see below.

Yes, NK is acting out – pbly looking for cash, plus some general pot-stirring. Just over a year ago China stopped direct financial assistance, and a couple of months ago China put coal imports from NK (their largest export) on a year-long hiatus – no doubt Un’s wallet is feeling a bit light.



1.) They’re trying to give an air of inevitability to war with North Korea in order to bluff China into taking meaningful action, or

2.) Things are about to get really bad.


He wants to play with his toys.