North Korea has been hacking the U.S. since 2009, warn DHS and FBI—and they're not stopping

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What the USA should do is author a primer on basic hacking techniques and specific procedures on how to target North Korean systems.

…And then post it to Reddit.


What really has me scratching my head is…why is Un using a pair of binoculars when seated in front of a computer monitor/flat screen?


Maybe Dennis Rodman will talk them out of it?


The first step in those instructions would be “go to North Korea”, because it’s unlikely that any critical systems could be penetrated over the Internet. Knocking out the Rodong Sinmun or KCNA websites would annoy the regime, but it would have no impact on anything inside the country.


You might underestimate the damage that could be done by exposing the content of the Great Leader’s smut collection.

I don’t see that as a slam-dunk.

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Maybe it’s time to figure out this security thing?

Even if it wasn’t Russia that hacked the DNC (and the voter registration databases, and now VR Systems), we still have to take this shit seriously. Maybe it was the DPRK, maybe it was China, hell maybe it was ISIS. Hacking is the ultimate form of assymmetric warfare.

But whoever it was this time, it could be someone else next time.

Split the NSA into two agencies - one purely focused on defense and the other on offense. Right now the dual-nature of their mission means their desire to preserve offensive capabilities causes them to hold back on disseminating information that would help harden both civilian and government systems for fear that foreign systems would be hardened too. I say that’s short-sighted. The west has the most to lose because we are on top right now, we need to start putting defensive capabilities first.

To him or to us?!?

The guy has legions of concubines at the touch of a button, complete lack of moral accountability, and use of the GDP as his piggy bank. His porn, those fantasies he can’t act out with his power, but must rely on media representations, has to be some real depraved mind searing, seeing the visage of Cthulhu-type insane.

There’s little point. The reason North Korea is so brazen about such attacks is they simply don’t care. It’s classic asymmetric warfare. They have so little in the way of network infrastructure, Internet attacks will always hurt the US more than they do North Korea.


You have been banned from /r/pyongyang.


Guess who taught them what’s possible … What goes around comes around.

Screen resolutions are amazing in Best Korea. Un probably needs the magnification to deal with an 8k or 16k display at that distance. And whatever lackey didn’t​ set display scaling properly is doomed.

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