North Korean diplomat sought in Kim Jong-nam's death, hinting at Kim Jong-un's involvement


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So if he had simply washed his face as quickly as they washed their hands, he might have survived? I don’t know, but it just doesn’t sit right for me.



No wait, the other thing…


This twist suggests the possible involvement of the North Korean government…

…if by “twist” you mean “foregone conclusion.”


Maybe, but only if it didn’t get into his mouth, eyes or nose first.

It’s similar to why you wash your hands after handling spicy food – it doesn’t hurt on your skin but it’s no fun when you absentmindedly rub your eyes.


They might’ve had some limited protection on their hands. Something like this:


…Or go to the toilet, as I know from intense personal experience. It’s a mistake you only make once.

I use disposable gloves for anything spicier than a jalapeño now…


“Even I could see that one coming.”


I’m sure DPRK had everything to do with this, but instead of being so confrontational it makes their guilt more obvious, they really need to learn to just pull the time honored “We’re saddened by his death and look forward to justice being brought forward to those responsible”.


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