North Korean escapee makes heartfelt plea to Trump to hold Kim Jong-un accountable for his atrocities

I keep reading this as ‘make Kim Jong unaccountable…’ - which he is, of course.

That has always been the time that you live in.



I was going to say - the US has been not just friendly, but openly supported dictators if they played ball. We won WWII with the help of one. They may be a son of a bitch, as long as they are our son of a bitch.

Also there is some speculation Saudi Arabia may be loosening some of it’s religious authoritarianism. Basically that in the past they used the clergy as an ally to keep the populace in line, but that as time goes on, they may feel they have more security in staying in power with a more secular government.

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Not so much, no.

MBS is making a high-profile show of faux liberalisation while simultaneously undertaking a purge of Saudi dissidents. It’s a PR cleanup, in preparation for the coming US/Saudi war on Iran.


Maybe so but at the current rate they are centuries from becoming a liberal democracy.

Well no, I never said that was the goal.

Eh - they are having a hard enough time with Yemen, I am not so sure they want to poke Iran too hard. And I don’t really think they want the US more involved than they are in the region. I mean they may gain more power in that ploy, but they also stand to lose power, especially if the US favoritism shifts. Not sure that will be their end game. Though I do know they are spending a lot on their military, they have to carefully control it because - Do you want coups? That is how you get coups. And because of this, their military leaders are who are loyal, not who are good.

The Saudis launched a major assault on Hodeidah a few days ago.

Yes, their military command has historically been crap, and they’re still working on sorting that out. MBS has a close personal interest in this process.


Saudi/Israeli/US alliance, against Iran. They’ve been flagging their intentions ever since Trump’s Middle East trip.

Even the mainstream press is beginning to catch on.


BTW, I ran across this a few days ago, and thought you might find it interesting:

History of the Yemen conflict in a bit more detail.


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