Trump wishes murderous dictator Kim Jong Un 'good luck' with health, more than he's said for 45,000 Americans dead of COVID-19

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From the White House’s Grifter’s Select family of greeting cards.

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Trump envies Kim Jong Un because he is a real dictator whose subjects give him the respect he deserves.


He’s met Kim. Kim is now a part of his monkeysphere. The rest of us are abstracts at best. We are bleeding on his floor, and he’s disgusted by us, and would like for someone to come along and move us before we spoil the party.


Narcissists divide the world into three camps:

  1. those they adulate and envy
  2. those they loathe and disparage
  3. those they need to continue their ego-boosting supply

Kim is in the first category, right along with Putin.
The American people who are sick, scared, and uncertain are in the second, unless they say "Thank You, Great Leader!’ loud enough and long enough, then they may elevate themselves to the third category (for a period).


if the democrats don’t turn this into a campaign ad by tomorrow morning, then they don’t deserve to win in November


Best wishes to the most honored living god who shares with us the light that radiates from his heart to warm the world and provide us with all the nourishment we need forever and ever.


It would be sweet poetic justice if trump were struck by lightning, or even just caught the Rona and died tomorrow.


Yeah, but I don’t even think it’s because he has some (emotional) connection to Kim because he knows him. Trump’s a sociopath who doesn’t care about anyone - but he’s learned some measure of how he’s supposed to behave, and wishing well to someone you personally know is part of that. So it’s an unthinking reflex, which helped mask his sociopathy in regular life but becomes weird in this context.

It occurs to me that this is an interesting part of how Trump is so unfit to be president, in that he can’t even manage to engage in international diplomacy like a regular, incompetent person. He’s not capable of that, because he’s not capable of normal human relations. He’s obviously dealt with people his whole life by sticking them in various categories to determine what the socially appropriate way of dealing with them is. Foreign leaders as peers don’t work in his existing category structure. Except that I think dictators, whose behavior he’s trying to change, end up in the “friend” category, because that’s the closest. Not just because he sees them as kindred spirits - and as aspirational figures - but the kinds of interactions he has with them are like the ones he has with “friends.” (I.e. not employees or competitors or family…)


I’d say that it’s because he probably admires him due to Kim Jong Un seemingly having absolute power in DPRK.


I’ll just leave this here.


I’m not sure. I mean, the way that same line "I wish him well’ was repeated so many times, over and over again, in the post. all allegedly quoting real people, makes me wonder if someone doth protest too much and actually it’s fake news. I reckon Donny Mussolini really said he hoped the Korean leader would fuck off and die.

Please just quote people if you want to quote them. Images of tweets is the worst possible way to present text if you want it readable.

Yeah, as I said, he clearly sees him as an aspirational figure, but I think the response is just automatic - an unthinking implementation of the “social graces” that he was taught, and which function as a substitute for the authentic human reactions that he’s simply not capable of as a sociopath.


Where do dead people fit into the list? They’re no threat, so they gotta be near the top, right? OTOH, there are some that you periodically have to stop and think about, so they may be a little disparaged.

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