Trump tweets shout-out to Kim Jong Un while America burns and coronavirus rages

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Is Daddy Vlad okay with his sub having crushes?


Beautiful plumage!


Bob Woodward’s book reportedly includes private letters from Kim to Trump, so this might be an attempt at damage control.


Trump is probably very envious of what Kim Jong Un has.

He would chalk up all the societal problems to bad leadership, and imagine if he were the beloved leader of the US it would be a lily white Utopia.


In describing his chemistry with Mr. Kim, Mr. Trump said: “You meet a woman. In one second, you know whether or not it’s going to happen.”

That grinding sound you hear is the internet’s slash fiction community wrestling with some very difficult problems.


He almost certainly has causality inverted. If only more people liked him, he thinks, he’d rule competently. Because, of course, the well-liked leaders all govern well. “Of course they do, that’s why they’re well-liked,” doesn’t enter his awareness.


Problem #1: Where is the nearest thing I can vomit into?
Problem #2: When will the vomit stop? Please God, make the vomit stop…


“Never underestimate him!”

If Obama had said something like this about Kim Jong-Il, Republicans would have called for his resignation, probably many Democrats too.

If Reagan had said it about Kim Il-Sung, the 25th Amendment would have been invoked as even the Republicans would have to admit that he was senile.


That tweet sounds a bit ominous to me. Is trump making a threat?


What the…

N. Korea is…what the…

POTUS is spending his time doing…what the…

I’m really curious how deep the hole has to go to get the “patriots” back to being patriotic.


It’s almost October…


Kim Jong Un hasn’t been seen in public since beginning of July, right?

Hole? There is no hole. You’re looking for something that isn’t there.
Supporting the glorious leader is patriotic.
Because it’s a cult.

Smart, educated people voluntarily mutilated their bodies and killed themselves because this glorious cult leader told them to.

(But really, you can just use the image of any glorious cult leader. It makes as much sense.)


Statistically, he’s correct. 90% of trump family sexual assaults happen within the first second.


I was in the Army in the late 1970s and early 1980. I was West Germany, in a tank unit that had the mission of defending the Fulda Gap. I spent years wondering, every week, if that was the week I would become the first identified American casualty of Word War III.

Anyone who served in the military during the Cold War should consider Donald Trump an enemy of this country. For more than 30 years we held on, facing terrible odds, knowing that at any minute we could find ourselves fighting to the death in a war that we had a damn good chance of losing. And we won.

We won by remaining resolute that Russia would not scare us into backing down from our commitment to defending freedom. We outlasted the bastards. We watched the wall come down. We saw the USSR fall apart and die. We had victory in our hands.

And now all our effort, all our work, have been made pointless by one traitor who has handed control of our destiny to the last of the Soviets, in return for gaining personal power for himself. All those who flew in Operation Chromedome, who spent those boring years in the silos, who patrolled the border in rain and sleet and snow - everything they did, all the problems they endured, all the pain and troubles that came from separation from families, all the hopes and dreams that went unfulfilled because duty called, all their courage and sacrifice has been in vain. Our decades-long fight to defend the freedoms of this country and our allies has been nullified by one amoral psychopath who thinks that he has the right to steal an election and who kissed the ass of the last of the KGB to
get the help he needed to do it.

Donald Trump rails against protestors and Democrats, calling them Communists. But Trump himself cozies up to and seeks the approval of real Communists. Enemy Communists. In his meeting with North Koreans, he was glad to publicly salute a Communist general. And in Washington, he accuses his own generals of colluding with arms manufacturers to fight wars for personal gain - wars which are the direct result of orders given by the White House.

Congratulations, Republicans. You did not elect the 44th President. You put party loyalty above all else, above any concern for the country or your constituents, so you could elect a pathological liar, a traitor whose personal gods are Benito Mussolimi and Vladimir Putin, a man who thinks that he has not only the power but the right to negate the Constitution and install himself as the dictator of America. Because of you, we have gone from His Excellency George Washington, who gave us examples of how a leader should accept limits on his power and step aside when he should, to His Self-Appointed Majesty Sir KGB Puppet The First, who thinks this country owes it to him to let him continue befouling the Oval Office as long as he likes.

May the Republican Party get what you really deserve for what you have done to this country. According to Dante, there is a proper place for people like you. It’s called Antenora.


Three words: Trump Tower Pyongyang.

Seriously. No extradition treaties. And all Kim would have to do is slap a new plaque on the Ryugyong Hotel.


Well, that and paint the toilets gold and put rubber sheets on all the mattresses.


The Ryugyong is an empty shell, so Trump could do whatever he wanted.

I’ve read that KGB men like Putin were not motivated by a belief in Communism as such. They were Soviet nationalists who saw their mission as protecting and strengthening the USSR, which for at least some of them was essentially a Russian empire by another name. While Putin has said that the end of the USSR was a catastrophe, he has cultivated a new Russian nationalism based on Orthodox Christianity, pride in Tsarist as well as Soviet history and traditional moral values.

North Korea isn’t really Communist either, unless your definition of Communism can encompass absolute loyalty to a sacred royal dynasty.

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But that can’t be true! Only commies are really evil! /s

Also, I agree that it’s a stretch to call North Korea anything meaningfully resembling communism, even compared to the barely communist Stalinist ideology from which their system originally derived.