Trump tweets shout-out to Kim Jong Un while America burns and coronavirus rages

And the fact that being in the KGB would put you into a privileged position.

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I don’t think you can define North Korea as the withering away of the state (Or China, the Soviet Union or any other M-L country). It’s not even aspirational.

The Democratic Party aren’t communist either, but they don’t claim to be.


Argue over nuances of what is and is not “real” Communism all you want. The fact remains that Donald J. Trump is a God damn traitor who has sold this country to its enemies for his own personal wealth and power.


No argument there, but you seemed particularly outraged that Trump was consorting with “Communists”.


I am outraged that A) Trump has taken hypocrisy to a level that should not be possible B) Trump is a traitor C) Trump is a totally amoral shameless liar D) There are people in this country who know that points A, B, and C are God’s own truth, and they would STILL vote for that dog turd with a combover.


but, hey!
something, something,
“ownin’ da libs!” hurr durr. hyuk.

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