Norwegians fundraise to re-erect phallic rock formation


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Rock Cock’s Tip Chipped

Norway? Yah Way.


Don’t change Norway


God I hope this doesn’t spark a new wave of anti-Semetic scapegoating in Norway.


Re-erecting a giant rock formation? That sounds like a…hard…sell, and an even…more difficult…project.


ok but the name is basically Troll Cock. Don’t feed the troll, or reciprocate being eaten.


Gotta be careful with en-gorging* such an erection project.

*(Biology and geology double pun? This is definitely a moment where i would laugh at my own joke :sunglasses:)


They should be able to erect something in its place.


Hey Norway! Try this :


Look, it’s just tired, okay?!


This is a good opportunity for a Pfizer sponsorship.



If you have a Trollpikken that lasts longer than 4 millennia consult a doctor.


Alternative title:

Norwegians fundraise to ‘fun-raise’ phallic rock formation



Something is clearly wrong. Norwegian erections don’t cost nearly that much, in fact they are often free.


Funny thing about this is that nobody had heard of this until last week or so when the local government decided they wanted some publicity and tourism cash and suggested that people could come visit the “Troll Cock”. I don’t think it even had a name before that either. Too bad they’re in the middle of some of Norway’s more Christian conservative areas…



Clearly this is the work of the evil ‘Tur-Mohel’ (Turmoil)…


You know – when you really think about it – all erections are free.