Massive and mysterious wooden penis erected atop Austrian mountain


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I first read this as Australian and almost scrolled past it. They have a reputation for irreverence.

The Austrians now… That’s newsworthy.


How the hell did they get it up there?

Well. . . at least it’s not on top of a volcano.





Some kind of ring and chains?


Ring, chains and two big boulders to weigh it all down.


Apparently asked in busy emergency rooms almost daily.


What is mysterious about it?


I got it - tapping into the neglected Frost Giant sex toy market!


It’s sure to get blown over in the first stiff wind.


I think its a sign that the owner is a huge dick.


It’s cold up there. Shouldn’t it be smaller?



This is absolutely in keeping with the Austrian national character.


Yeah, I guess us North Americans equate most German speakers with German stereotypes–which is to say, straight-laced and serious.


There is a town in Austria named Fucking.


The German for “light-coloured” is Hell. Yes, there is a beer:


You’ve never been to Oktoberfest, have you?
Germans are serious in office hours.




Who is saying it hasn’t experienced shrinkage already?