Not content with Ninja giving a lousy Masterclass, the edutainment site decided let's not stop there and brought in dubya to teach a class

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By the end of that piece, i realized it’s basically just an ad for Masterclass.

I imagine the asshole offers no lessons at all about how to start two massively muderous, heinously motivated wars.

I hope he at least says at some point, “Isn’t it ridiculous that I’m not sitting in prison right now? Heh heh heh!!”


I did a quick search to see how much these celebrities get paid for their course. It appears about 100 grand plus commission.

What I don’t get is MasterClass has been around for several years and their still raising money to operate. Last reports were they raised 430 million with a valuation of 1 billion.

I will never understand how a business not making money gets that kind of investors with that kind of valuation.

Probably why I’m still not filthy rich.


I’ve tried and failed to understand that as well.

Or you’re not a sociopath. :woman_shrugging:


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