Noted douchebag Pax Dickinson gets 15 more minutes of internet fame


And another one minute fifteen seconds here…


Note: when making an exceptionally edgy satire twitter account, DO NOT PROUDLY STATE WHERE YOU WORK. Hysterical Mel Gibson satire sounds like horrible racism after a while.

There’s no such thing as a brogrammer. This guy’s just a jerk.

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I ask Malcolm what he’s been toiling over, and his face swells with excitement. Planning an office foam party? Not quite. He sprints through an explanation of his work—something to do with hard drives, but impossibly beyond my level of comprehension. I smile and nod and he keeps going. He loves this shit.

He’s just basing his life on Moss from IT Crowd, isn’t he? (Not that that’s a bad thing)

if you don't want to hear from me, you shouldn't have made me famous. Things you write on the net can have unpredictable consequences.

— Pax Dickinson (@paxdickinson) September 13, 2013

I actually had to look up the “Jesus gets raped by a pack of niggers” quote. The full quote is about a hypothetical Passion of the Christ 2, made after Mel Gibson’s meltdown. Douchey, but hey, context is overrated, right?


I don’t know, this article seems relevant some how:

If you want to insult a “neoreactionary” you’re doing it wrong. Don’t call him a douchebag; claim he has the intellectual standards of an environmentalist.

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