Nothing is worse than "abysmal" and nothing is better than "incredible"


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I also suspect that “Brilliant” and “rubbish” are more common in BE than AE.



We don’t use it as much. But there are plenty of overused words missing from that list. At one point there was a full-blown epidemic of things being “amazing” in architecture circles, to the point where these people were presumably unable to walk down the street without being struck dumb by a nice window reveal or a well-detailed slot drain.


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The things that are Amazing are definitely better than the incredible things…I would also allow the amazeballs things are even better than that.


Incredible is the highest? I can’t believe it!


It’s a miracle miracle isn’t the top of the list. If you use miracle in everyday sentences you’re either a holy person or an idiot. Wait what did I just do to myself?


Appears to be missing “quite good”, “shite”, “bollocks”, “piss-poor” and “pile of wank”.






That report - not too shabby, if you ask me.


Formidable! [/French accent]


During the NPR pledge drive today, I heard the phrase “our incredible reporting” and all I could think was how that’s an abysmal choice of words.



Wait, does that mean what I think it means?


“Dude” is always the right response.


So I guess the Joy Division album is kind of average.


Did anyone else see the guy at 0:42?


Yep; infertile.


Did you notice “average” came out almost exactly in the middle?