Notice sticker on a van: nothing "worth selling for heroin " in here


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Plot twist: it’s full of heroin.


They should have also wrote ‘meth’ on that sticker too


But who would sell heroin for heroin?


Yeah sure … will work because drug addicts are always totally rational.


pal of mine wrapped his motorcycle race van with “Mobile HIV Testing Lab” and Biohazard stickers.

never got broke into again.

but who knows?

criminals with do crimes


Couldn’t the van itself be sold for heroin?



I’ve known a few guys who had their truck windows smashed by junkies. A few hundred for the glass, a few thousand for the tools, and somebody got high for a day or two.


Depends on the goal of the message? Seems like an indictment of society by someone who has lost a lot, rather than an earnest warning directed at thieves who use heroin.


Never mind I failed at posting gif :disappointed:


Back in the 80s and early 90s my father had a car phone. He was always very annoyed when someone would smash an expensive window in order to steal a $20 handset (the actual expensive electronics being located in the trunk).


I lost two water bottles at work till I labeled them Dihydrogen Monoxide and on other side For Medical Use Only.


I wrote “Milk Experiment” on my milk carton in the office fridge .


I remember those things. Car phones were basically military tactical radios hacked to work with the phone system, so they were huge. They couldn’t easily be carried on one’s person, so they had to be installed in a car. Even the boxy Zack Morris cellphones were futuristic back then.

The most amazing thing? People actually pulled their cars over to talk on the phone!


Used to be many break-ins in Brooklyn for car stereos. One woman with a “no radio” sign had her car window smashed and interior ransacked anyway. Thief left a sign saying, “get one.”


As an aside, anybody remember those “no radio” signs you could get for your car back in the 80s?


The sign doth protest too much, methinks.



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