Notional, literary Ben and Jerry's flavors


This is wrong. This is so terribly, terribly, terribly wrong. I hate it when something turns out to be a mere fiction when, in a just world, it would actually exist.

A bit cold and pointless isn’t it?

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I like these Quirk Books people. I missed it when Mark first posted about it at the beginning of the month, but my wife just bought me their William Shakespeare’s Star Wars and my god if it isn’t the greatest thing I’ve read in memory. I want to clone myself a dozen times or otherwise round up enough sufficiently like-minded and literate nerds to mount a production.

And I wouldn’t mind whipping up some of these ice cream flavors, too.

Ah yes, Harry Potter, A Clockwork Orange, World War Z. They’re definitely raising awareness for some great movies… I mean books.

If the pictured flavour existed, I wonder if the milk would have teeth…

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