Now conservatives are mad about American Girl dolls

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I am surprised it has taken this long - that first American Girl movie was a socialist delight!


My oldest was given an American Girl doll around 2001 that was called something different at the time, but seems to be what is now called the Truly Me line. Only mixed race doll I’d ever seen, at that point in time. So that’s over 20 years — at minimum — of treating all girls as equals….no wonder the white supremacist fascists are freaking out.


Maybe all the dolls lacked the pointy white hat the Newsmax host was looking for to look just like his family.

It must be exhausting being so angry about children being included.


I love, love, love that she called out the Fox News guy’s “growth” moment of realizing it’s important for kids to see toys that look like them. Even though we all know that’s not at all what he meant to imply, at least not for all kids.


They may have Plantation Owner’s Daughter American Girl for the assholes who want that. They really cover the gamut. The NewsMax asshat was likely shopping too close to Christmas and couldn’t get a properly aryan doll for his kid.


90% of conservatism is finding stuff to get outraged over.


If the “War on Christmas” and “the Great Replacement” and “librul Twitter” and “Marxist academia” and “LGBTQ grooming” were actual successful campaigns instead of made-up BS conspiracism, the people screaming about them would have lost their platforms to do so a long time ago.


Our closest and oldest family friends are an African-American family (parents from Kentucky and Louisiana) and when my Mom found out that our friend was having her first granddaughter (about the same time my Mom was having hers), my Mom went hog-fucking-wild and bought the Addy doll right when it came out and a bunch of shit to go with it - so the new granddaughter could have a fun doll to play with at Grandma’s. So I must have been 18 at the time. Anyway, Mom gives this to her friend – our friend – she opens it up and she starts weeping. Never seen her cry like this before or since. And after a while she regains her composure and pulls out her childhood doll which was, of course, a white baby doll carefully painted brown, but with lots of chipped spots. She set it down with the Addy and then she just smiled. 35 years on that moment sticks with me.

So yah, representation freaking matters.


“I’m an oblivious asshole who doesn’t have the patience to spend time shopping for girly shit with my daughter, and so willfully glaze over the pile of exactly what I insist she wants, opting instead for being offended that this store showcases that I’m an incompetent person who couldn’t find my own sullen nuts with both hands.”


90% of conservatism is finding stuff to get outraged over.

The other 90% is being scared of it


Death rates increased for almost all other groups, although it was most pronounced among white men and women, as well as American Indian or Alaska Native women.

While COVID, opioids, heart disease, and the usual killer were at the top of the list, “never ending conservative outrage” isn’t helping to prolong life expectancy.


I saw the original video of the guy complaining about no white dolls. My dude, its very close to Christmas, have you not thought that maybe the white dolls sold out because there are, over all, more white people looking for dolls?

You can go on their website and order any kind you want.

What an idiot.

My kiddo was into them for a bit of time. I did take her to a store to have a desert with a doll once. It is pretty neat how they can configure the doll to look like the person buying it/wants the doll to look like.

And if you are buying one of the pre-made characters, there is some interesting history learning attached to it.


My daughter never really got that into dolls, but she did like brushing her AG doll’s hair which was very much like hers.


Unfortunately, they’ve discontinued many of their historical characters. Almost all of them are post 1900, save Addy (1864), Josephina (Spanish, 1824) and Kaya (Native American, 1764). I had a Kirsten as a kid and I think I mostly chose her because I liked her aesthetic.


First they took our Dolls…

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They can’t possibly be mad at the slave owner American Girl doll: Felicity Merriman | American Girl Wiki | Fandom

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Seriously. Christmas sneaks up on nobody. No one, ever, said “Oh, shit! Is Christmas this week?!” Flag Day, maybe. Christmas? Never.


Fake outrage is the easiest outrage because your target audience would never fact-check you.


They got all pissy because a book published by American Girl back in February dared discuss gender identity. Then, in case their audience wasn’t transphobic enough, moved into this white erasure bullshit