Now even fish can use tools


Don’t forget the sawfish, hammerhead, powerscrewdriverfish…


They probably can’t even tuna instrument.
Cod, that was so bad I got a haddock.


That explains the fish ponds at Home Depot.

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The article is deceptively labeled. The fish has a bead stuck onto its back and it learns that if it brushes its bead against another bead on a hanging string it can release food pellets.

From the fishes point of view there are no tools involved, it just brushes its back against something and food falls from the sky.

Came expecting puns; left satisfied.

Tools: no longer something to carp about.


They appear to be - betta - testing these new tools.

Seriously though, I do think there is a difference between using an object as a tool - pickup up a rock, stick, bone, etc - and actually forming a tool out of said rock/stick/bone. Am I correct that only us advanced hominids (homo sapiens, Neanderthals, etc) are the the ones who actually MAKE tools.

Birds are pretty smart, especially Corvids. Unless you have to forge the steel to count as making a tool, this bird does an amazing job of recognizing the problem and fashioning a tool to solve it:

Heck, just figuring out how to use a crevice as a “vise” to hold the wire while it makes the tool is pretty impressive and it doesn’t even have to “think” about doing that.


Some of the great apes purposely prune branches/etc so that they work best for the task at hand.

There is actually a dedicated page on tool use:
Tool use by animals

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Flashbacks to listening to Dr. Demento on Sunday night when I was supposed to be sleeping…


In a related story some fish have “six-pack abs.” If they can also use tools, don’t even think of trying to catch them. Those fish will come aboard your boat and put a hook through your mouth.

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