Now Here's A Peaceful Protest

We were working just outside Detroit early this morning so we decided to go down to Belle Isle and scope out a spot for our RV for the Detroit International Fireworks coming up.

Whenever we’re in that neck of the woods we drive down West Grand Boulevard and drive past Hitsville USA. On the way there, East Grand Boulevard was shut down, it looked like a local church was getting ready for a block party.

As we were being directed around I asked what was going on, they were getting ready for a march against gun violence. Oh really? Where do I park?

The reasons for the march are sad but the actual march was an awesome experience. All the young people were polite and well behaved and all on the same page being against gun violence. The young speakers were articulate and well versed in what they were protesting.

At one point I really needed a bathroom, I went up to the door of the church hall and asked. A very nice young lady walked us down to the basement where the band was getting ready and showed us right where to go. I’m still not going indoors around strangers without a mask, no one cared. Everyone was so nice and helpful

There were 8 speakers, they were all brief and to the point. There were a couple politicians but they did not get political or go for sound bites even though all the local Detroit news media was there. They also all walked the 2 miles with the crowd and they didn’t even have people following them with cameras. It’s how our representatives are supposed to behave.

They were also handing out free gun locks to anyone that wanted or needed one.

It was a beautiful day for a 2 mile walk and a march against gun violence. We had planned on being home early today for some much needed rest, this was so much better.

That’s the Cass Tech Marching Band.

And this cute little girl was the star of the march. She walked the entire two miles leading the crowd in a chant.


Good people.
I do sometimes miss living in the Detroit area.
I’ll have to watch your videos later, looks like the right stuff though.


Some photos from the event.

Here’s the little girl in the video.

Some of the victims of gun violence in Detroit.

This young girl was the emcee, she was so bubbly and energetic.

We have slow roll bike groups in our area but this group all had very cool customized bikes.

There was also a Polaris Slingshot club there. Every one of them was super custom.

Sad that this is necessary.


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