Now you too can own a 1988 Lincoln Town Car with a stripper pole



Is that a shoe flying off his foot just before he takes a dive?


Nah. Too classy and dignified for tRump.


What’s with the tarp and the duck tape?


Gallagher opens.


Have you ever actually played golf though? Pretty boring. Could use some side entertainment.


I’m pretty sure that it’s a fish.


Any time there’s an inexplicable gif like that i gotta go look for it on youtube. Sure enough…

Very lucky sod.


Am I the only person who thinks it was a “north pole” with Santa and Elves parade car?


I was just going to say that thing really gets around


She’s behind the garage, limbering up.

She comes with the car, and is the only one allowed to perform on it. It’s a union thing.


Ah, come on!. Let’s go in halfsies.

As an aside, I have a soft spot for truly original, ridiculous cars.

Years ago I used to see this truck. With a mural of ridiculously clothed women on it. With a picture of the truck with the mural watching them. I squealed every time I saw it, and it would have given even Escher nightmares.


That strikes me as a problem that BDSM enthusiasts have probably already solved.


OH…and here I thought “all leather interior” was in reference to the car. :scream: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I actually asked around another forum I’m on. A lot of guys don’t actually like golf, but it’s useful for daydrinking and business deals.

And the people who think it’s a legit sport are generally conservative douchebags from rich families.


I didn’t watch, but they didn’t say, “Rich. Corinthian. Leather”?



Bullshit Dungeon Master?


Rich, centenarian leather.


It’s a little torn up, but still feels alright


If you think about it, no 1988 Lincoln Town Car is ever really complete without a stripper pole.