NRA clearly just trolling us at this point

I was going to write something snarky about Ajit Pai being awarded the NRA’s “Charlton Heston Courage Under Fire” award for his fearless defense of telcom interests; but I’m not even sure how you snark something so grimly autoparodic.


I just keep waiting for one of the NRA offices to get shot up; by this point in Bizzaro-World, that kind of recursion seems pretty much inevitable.


Any one watch Dana Loesch get her ass handed to her by a bunch of teenagers the other night?

While it was amusing, alas they weren’t familiar enough with their last few decades of politics to know that the noises Loesch were making (even though deeply unsatisfying) were actually a huge backpedal that had changed just in the last week or so.

I actually LOL’d when I heard Loesch say anything resembling a noise which suggested we should expand the current background checks process. I had to explain the background to my SO, but this article saved me a lot of work.

tl;dr Loesch went on national TV and recited a bunch of bald-faced lies just to smooth over the controversy for the NRA. Whatever they are paying her, I bet she’s getting a huge raise after that. Yay, breaking the glass ceiling?




The NRA and CPAC both apparently buy into the bizarre conspiracy theory that Net Neutrality rules were secretly a government “takeover” of the Internet, and that repealing it “sets the Internet free” from the control of Obama/Soros. I wish I was in any way exaggerating.


I don’t think even the Breitbart crowd are buying that weirdness. (Plenty of shill posts, but I don’t think it’s working.)

Exactly what they said about O-care. They can’t even think up a new conspiracy?

When you can just yell OBAMA or SOROS or HILLARY and get people frothed up with anger, why bother being original?

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You’re right, but I fail to see that as a bad thing in this case (and as my previous comments show, I’m almost always a pragmatist and not an idealist). A change being big has little to do with whether it is big enough, and sometimes a fresh perspective really does see the right answer instead of focusing on shifting someone’s wrong answers on the margin. If someone had persuaded the Nazis to scale back the Holocaust by 90%, that would not have been a reason to stop pushing.

Maybe what did not come through in my post is my expectation that the new stance of the NRA will be short lived: basically until they get out of the news.

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