You know who hates Net Neutrality? The NRA

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One more reason to nuke the NRA.


So is there a deal being done here? Does the NRA get something in return? It has the feel of a rushed thing, like how they can’t actually give him the gun right now, he has to pick it up later.


annual far-right hootenanny

Isn’t that like every day? Sort’a like f’d up Halloween for assholes, douchers, & wantabe soldiers.


Imagine how loudly the NRA would scream about their First Amendment rights being infringed if there was a day of protest against the Net Neutrality repeal and the big players like Facebook, Google, and Twitter were to treat traffic to the NRA website and NRA-related messages differently.

Picture if they displayed a message saying something to the effect of “Once NN goes away, we could charge you more for access to this content or slow down your access to it.”


It’s a marriage made in heaven. Only natural that such an odious organization like the NRA is sending is accolades to the unlikable Pai.


Ah, the champions of liberty* strike again!

[dislaimer: liberty reserved for cisgender white and model-minority conservative males, applicable in all states including TN]


Two thoughts:

  1. This will let the NRA push their agenda through the mass media much more easily.
  2. Repeal and Replace – the second Amendment.
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Anyone have a link to that .gif? It’s brilliant.

Sort of like how every month is “white history month”.


Of all the things that could’ve happened following the striking down of net neutrality, Ajit Pai getting a gong from the NRA was just too bizarre to conceive. I may have to turn the world off and turn it back on again because it’s not making any sense any more.


Jesus Christ. I wonder if anyone’s ever been shot by their own award.


Serious props for the Enthiran GIF, though. That movie is like if Bollywood, the Terminator, and a meth-crazed weazel had a baby.


Funny, since they’re quite in favour of gun neutrality.


“The last few years at the FCC was continuously imposing more regulations, more paperwork burdens, which was putting the US in the wrong direction.”

Did you know it’s possible for a small business to have a compliance specialist handle all that pesky paperwork for a few hundred dollars? In fact, major corporations usually have a whole compliance department! So instead of scratching your head over those difficult paperwork burdens, why not hire a smart person?

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did you know it takes a good guy paying extra for netflix to fight a bad guy paying nothing for popcorn time?

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Carr is right “when people care about telecom, one of the things they’re passionate about is getting better, faster, cheaper broadband,” But I spent 15 years waiting for someone to bring me something better than dialup. Thinking the private sector is going to bring that to you is a fantasy.


The typical NRA member, when he does get and pay the inevitable rate increase from his ISP (for the same service), will loudly proclaim into the sky: THIS IS FREEEEEDOMMM!

Undoubtedly the guiding reason NRA dislikes NN is that “the wrong people” support NN, and they know by being against NN, they are sticking it to those gun-hating liberals. Enemy of my enemy is my friend. Although, I’d be really curious if the telecoms don’t covertly give money to the NRA: I mean, just how were they goaded to have a position on it at all? It just seems like a relatively esoteric subject for these knuckledraggers.

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So… they pre-paid for priority speeds then did they?


= thanks Obama!