Ajit Pai forced to return the gun the NRA gave him as a prize for his neutracidal rampage


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vetted by career ethics attorneys

This is why everyone hates moral philosophy professors.


Motherforking shirtballs!


He was awarded a gun which was neither presented to him nor accepted by him. He further indicated he wouldn’t and couldn’t take it down the road and said so in a polite way.

I have no idea why this amounts to being “forced to return” something but, okay, gotta have our 2 Minutes Hate.


The NRA does realize that the term “courage under fire” refers to acts of heroism by people whose lives were endangered by guns, right??

It would be like if the auto industry had an award named after vehicular homicide.


Neutracidal? Would that be killing a pet that has been spayed?


It was kind of worth it for this quote, though, wasn’t it?


Damn. I was really hoping he’d shoot himself in the dick with it.

Dudes, irony!


The NRA should give awards to the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting victims.


Notice how he shifted the blame to the ‘career ethics attorneys?’


Won’t somebody speak for the poor oppressed Trump Administration?


When it’s against risible nonsense, I will.


Did they pry it from his cold, dead hands? It sounds more like he just handed it to the government. How un-patriotic of him.


Isn’t he some kind of attorney or something?


He’s something alright…


Its called, yellow joirnalism bordering on clickbait.


If this is the rifle that comes with the award I’d love to own it as a wall-hanger to put above the fireplace, though the NRA would never have a reason to give one to me.

I’d like it even better if it were a flintlock - and a brass-barreled blunderbuss.


Poor blubbering fuckface!!


Whats the clip from that had his head popped on top please?


No- it’s disinfecting with a neutral-pH biocide. At least that what’s the companies who trademarked “Neutracide” would like to think.

@jerwin says “Endhiran”: