Nuisance YouTuber with 2 million followers wreaks havoc in Japan; locals are furious

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Right, because paying for meals and public transportation is such an exotic foreign concept. /s


I hope they never let him into the country ever again :roll_eyes:


Maybe theft isn’t a crime in Cyprus? Googles… Nope, it’s a crime there, too. Just like every nation on Earth, I would assume. Why do people find this kind of content watchable? I don’t get it.


“Influencer” is effectively a synonym for “arsehole”.

He was wrongly assuming that it’s easier to be his scumbag self in a society that trusts in the honour of its members. Like many tr0lls, he’s too stupid to understand that trying to assume the best of people doesn’t necessarily make one a sucker. It may take some time, but eventually they find out the hard way.


If Japan didn’t have a reputation (rightly or wrongly) as a very orderly country where everyone is polite, arsehole influencers wouldn’t have any reason to go there and engage in performative arseholery.


Yeah these people are giving other people who make social media content for a living a bad name by association. There are influencers who aren’t assholes. Dr. Mike, Rick Beato, Veritasium, Tom Scott, and Adam Ragusea, to name a few.


The good ones should come up with a better term. In addition to being associated with arseholes like this, “influencer” also reeks of the advertising industry.


I find it puzzling that this clown has not been charged with a criminal offense even though he video recorded his crime and posted it for all to see. Authorities everywhere can expect more of this shithead behaviour if they don’t take it seriously.


In cases such as these, criminal charges can only be brought if the harmed party (the train operator, the hotel operator and/or the bus operator) decides to file a criminal complaint (被害届). The latest news reporting on this says that JR Kyushu is considering whether to press charges (and they seem to be leaning toward it), but the police will not take action until a criminal complaint is filed.


Yep - at which time he would be held in custody for 23 days until they decide to prosecute. After the Johnny Somali fiasco - you would think this new idiot would be getting out of Japan ASAP.

This is a country that strongly discourages jaywalking - even on a quiet street. Social norms and following rules in inherent to the culture.

Actually breaking laws is setting yourself for some serious self-reflection.


This is infuriating- There are plenty of people on Youtube who make great videos that let you see other countries, and idiots like this are just going to spoil things for everyone.

Also, I hope this doesn’t end up making Japan less welcoming to tourists


No need for weeaboo nonsense about “Japanese behavioral standards”. What this doofus is doing is illegal and frowned upon anywhere in the world.


Try it in China next time.

Or maybe he has a better grasp of the “behavioral standards” there somehow.

These idiots travel the world to look for a country that will kind of put up with their bullshit.




Is “being an asshole in Japan” a whole genre of Youtube videos I was previously unaware of? I guess it would make sense, just due to “being an asshole (wherever the Youtuber lives)” is a genre, and “tourist videos of Japan” are a genre… and Japan’s polite, safe environment provides a sharp contrast to being an unsafe asshole. I wonder, though, if “being an asshole in [other country X]” is generally a genre, or if going to the effort to travel to countries where the locals might kick the shit out of you for being an asshole is unappealing. Though I suppose “being an asshole in [other country X]” has overlap with a lot of tourist videos…


There is a small population of the younger generation that really taking FAFO to a new level.


I was arrested for jaywalking on a quiet street late at night in Tokyo many years ago. No cars in sight. I was taken to the police station (no handcuffs), interrogated by an English speaking officer, and told I would be let off with a warning if I returned the next day with a written apology, which my landlady wrote for me.


I don’t remember if i jaywalked while in Japan some years ago with my parents. But there’s always a chance we might have at some point, but i don’t know though at least i’m glad we didn’t accidentally get busted for it if we did :sweat_smile:


I only know two of those and I would not call either of them ‘influencers’. They may be making money from their content, but they are not doing shit just for clicks, to get income.

Influencers are shills for whoever pays them the most to ‘influence’ dumb clickers into buying their products, or dream up outrageous shit to attract eyeballs purely for the ad income.

Nether Rick Beato or Tom Scott are within a million miles of that.