Nurse who murdered 7 babies to spend rest of life in jail

But there is a small number of NHS Hospital Trust managements whose motto is rather

Because if we screwed up, we did NOT want it to happen again get out in case it damages our reputation.

Without doubt, this is what is at the root of how she managed to murder or harm so many babies without being investigated…


Politicians need voters to see somebody cry on TV

No clue how it works in the UK, but here in the States, any unexpected death (which is the vast majority of pediatric deaths) is automatically an ME case. Now, this does not mean it is done well, but there is at least the appearance of an investigation. But, as I said, not familiar with UK SOP.


Apparently although they were reporting the deaths, they were either not reporting correctly or the people they reported to were not actually looking at the data.

A spike in deaths like that should have had red flags popping up all over.

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