NY attorney general asks for summary judgment that Trump's "inflated wealth" a lie in lender fraud case

Originally published at: NY attorney general asks for summary judgment that Trump's "inflated wealth" a lie in lender fraud case | Boing Boing


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One of his worst nightmares was always to be exposed as having less money than he claimed. What a pathetic little man he is.


"And my accountant he said to me … he had tears in his eyes, this big strong accountant … he said 'Mr. President Trump, sir, you have great assets. You have the greatest assets I have ever seen. No, no, it’s true. The Democrats, they don’t want you to know that, this racist attorney general, she doesn’t want you to know that, but I have the greatest assets, maybe the greatest assets of any man anywhere. I don’t know. A lot of people are saying that.

And these assets, I could sell them. Turnberry, that’s my golf course. One of my golf courses, which are the best golf courses. I could sell any one of them for billions, tomorrow. I have people, they’d write me a check. A Trump golf course is like an oil painting, something by Leonardo Picasso. Everyone says that. Or take my daughter, Ivanka. Priceless. I could sell her for billions, just like that. But when you have as many assets as I do, you don’t sell them. You keep them and they make you money. My daughter makes me money. Don’t ask me how, I don’t know. My son Bedminster – another asset. My ex-wife, the dead one. I buried her on a golf course and she makes me money. So many assets. Really."


Just for the sake of clarity, summary judgment means a party has stated it has such overwhelming evidence for its case that the judge can issue a judgment in their favor without going to trial.

It is defeated by the other side:

  1. Showing evidence which disputes the credibility of the evidence presented by the moving side or requires the court to evaluate its merits. (“Triable issues of fact”)

  2. Showing the evidence presented by the moving side is insufficient to make their case.

Summary judgment requires pretty strong clear evidence and some judges will deny a motion just because the want to send it to trial.


Adding insult to injury is the public nature of filings in New York Supreme Court. Everything is done electronically and papers can be accessed by virtually everyone. Documents in the AG’s motion which are embarrassing to Trump can’t be hushed up or suppressed.


i could have been a painter you know. my uncle was a painter at mit. he makes the best paintings. any time i need money he said, you just paint something. me. i could paint someone in the middle of 5th avenue and nobody would stop me.


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