NYC Mayor De Blasio declares State of Emergency over coronavirus outbreak

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NYC mayor: 95 confirmed coronavirus cases, 42 just since yesterday


I’m seeing this story format more and more in news aggregators: a declarative statement followed by reposts of many many tweets saying exactly the same thing and no more.

Is there some value to reposting above the content-free tweets by Alexa Farrell, Jeff Mays, Myles Miller, katie honan, Tom Winter, and Julia Marsh that I’m missing?


Maybe Xeni is implying these are people you should be following? I don’t know, I also find this kind of article format to be annoying.


Spreading pandemonium. You’re welcome.

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A form of Twitterbation I think.


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A pet peeve of mine also.

BTW, where can I get one of these fleecy hats with the red yarn tufts:

It would be very helpful to my “social distancing” strategy.


Guys who is the wizard hovering behind them during the declaration? He looks like he either engineered the disease in the first place or is heading up a desperate crack team of mavericks to find a cure

The sign language interpreter

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Knitting or crochet patterns will be available somewhere

The Covid-19 stress ball will be on general release soon (once we get manufacturing and distribution back on its feet).


That’s what he wants you to think

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Not even a damned full year.

Kinda surprising that no one has done this yet. I’d like one too.

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