NYC rats walking upright, holding rodent Burning Man

Smells like… victory.

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I had totally forgotten about this movie, but I remember it now. I remember watching it much younger than I probably should have and while it surely scarred and scarred me, I am sure that it made me a better person. Without a doubt, one of the best english animated films ever made.

ETA 1 - Can we just start a thread (similar to the gif bank) that would act as a beautiful, amazing, heartbreaking, dark, thoughtful, mind altering feature length animations bank?

ETA 2- Made me remember this amazingly beautiful old classic,
learning was never so fun and feature length G rated cartoons never so scary.

ETA 3- [Continued from “ETA 1”] Ok, but seriously, why are there so many heartbreaking/philosophical/beautiful/dark/awe inspiring feature length cartoons with small mammals as the main characters??!? I mean really?
Watership Down:

Ernest and Celestine:

The Great Mouse Detective:


Charlotte’s Web:

The Secret Of NIMH:

The Rescuers:

The Plague Dogs:

An American Tail:

Fantastic Planet: (Humans are mammals, and small in this case, eh?)

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