NYC theater overrules MPAA rating for Snowden documentary

Good to see IFC staying close to its Waverly roots.

Down with the man, power to the people.

Mostly because all the young kids are just downloading things instead of dealing with the MPAA warnings they can’t skip…


Wasn’t that called Obama?

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Pretty much, yeah. I mean, even if you (as I sometimes do) say ‘DVDs’ even when you mean Blu-ray (because Blu-ray is such a stupid name)… if you’re an underage kid who wants to see something with sex or extreme violence, there are easier ways to do it than trying to bluff a store clerk with badly grown facial hair and making your voice deep in order to buy a DVD.


Hah, true. Then again, you’re more likely to find interesting bargain bins of DVDs.

I did think it was rather funny that things that would be pretty tame in current movies are still treated the same way. Sure, I could see A Clockwork Orange still getting a rated strongly, but some of the other movies these places have carded me for are shown on TV in normal viewing hours these days.

Yes MPAA ratings have no real legal standing. But in most jurisdictions it is illegal to show pornography to minors. Indeed in many jurisdictions it is illegal to show or distribute obscene material. Tecnically “X” isn’t an MPAA rating, they specifically didn’t trademark it like the rest of the ratings. I live in Maryland, the last state with an official board of censors for movies. There was an actual government panel that viewed all movies and approved them before they could be shown to the public. Every movie had an added title card “Passed by Maryland Board of censors #xxxxx

Do they tell the audience that the author Laura Poitras had to flee to Berlin, Germany because of political repression / harassment in the USA?

That in itself is a powerful message for the 'Muricans. Like the russian dissidents fleeing to the US in the Cold War US journalists are now fleeing to Germany/Europe.

My local multiplex shows movies that are rated R.

I doubt there was any conspiracy in the rating. Just normal MPAA bullshait.

I’m still trying to figure out why the new Annie movie is rated PG.

Because it’s darker and edgier?

Because the original one was as well? The basis of the first act is children being treated horribly in an orphanage, how is that going to earn a G rating? The minute one character hits another, even cartoonishly, you’ve crossed the line into PG.

The Santa Clause, which is a movie designed around the entire premise that Santa is real and therefore aimed directly at children that are below the age of 10 is a PG film. G movies these days are mostly relegated to animation and some Disney movies like High School Musical. G is really hard to achieve and, frankly, few people care about the difference. There are PG movies I’ll show my kids before treading into G rated The Lion King because the father’s death is going to leave some scars.

You know. For Kids!

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My favorite G rating is the one for Gone with the Wind. You know, that family friendly kids movie centering around plantation life before the zany Civil War interrupts the life of a little lady who deals with a drunken abusive husband slapping her down the stairs.

Like I said, there are PG movies I’ll show my kids first. Here’s a fun list of G movies that would probably be re-rated much differently today: Ben Hur, Star Trek, The Planet of the Apes (1968).


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