NYPD arrest NY gubernatorial challenger for videoing street-arrest



So the memo has been out what, two weeks now? And already thrown in the shit can…

With the recent competition from the Ferguson PD, it seems NYPD feels a need to step up its game in order to remain the nation’s most racist police department.


In other news, guy taken down for challenging the status quo…

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Menacing a police officer? “The perpetrator stood behind me and intoned, “Bwahahahahahahahahaha!”, whilst obscuring the lower part of his face with a cloak of the darkest sable…”


Although PINAC names comedian/activist Credico as “the” Cuomo opponent, another Cuomo challenger, Zephyr Teachout, has been endorsed in the Dem primary by Mayday PAC, the get-money-out-of-politics group started by Larry Lessig. Listings here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_York_gubernatorial_election,_2014#Candidates

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Credico is part of a growing movement. See againstausterity.org for a viable program of economic development including the 1% Wall St Sales Tax which will net billions of dollars in revenue for a great number of necessities including the reduction of the student loan debt burden so many carry.

So, improperly arrested and tortured (hands went numb). Nice work, NYPD!

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