NYPD traps protestors on bridge for hours after curfew

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The more I see of what is going on the more I wonder what Covid-19 is going to make of all the opportunities.


In the 80’s I was in S.F. and basically just watching a protest outside a police station. The cops gave an order to disperse. And so my friend and I got up to leave and found that any way of dispersing was blocked by lines of cops. Then suddenly they rushed us.

We ended up getting away, but I had a huge bruise on my upper inner thigh.

Makes me mad to this day that they gave an order to disperse and then blocked us from dispersing.


Kind of like telling a guy to get up and get in the car while at the same time kneeling on his neck.

“Stop punching yourself!” is more like it.


Kettling is not done in good faith (see also: DC and Rahul Dubey saga)-- they say they want people to disperse peacefully, then trap them so they can’t. Patently obvious attempt to force a confrontation when it’s not necessary.


One thread captures the sentiment of all of New York today:


That sums it up beautifully. If you enjoy her writing, you can get her books for very little money DRM-free.

My guess is it will affect overweight and donut-munching cops more that young and healthy protesters.

If I didn’t know there’s good people on both sides, I’d say most cops are real assholes.


Who will be going home to their families and friends. The virus doesn’t care about the colour of their hosts but it does result in the deaths of a disproportionately higher number of BAME.

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“Stop punching yourself” ahhh brings back memories of my older brother using his strength to over power my arm and hand so I would whack myself in the face telling me to “stop punching myself in the face” while in the back seat of the car. Dad of course with the obligatory “Don’t make me stop this car” Ahhhh the good old days :slight_smile:

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The Apple patent in question was from eight years ago and does not mention cameras.

The only functionality I know of which gets disabled based on geolocation (vs country policies) is a static policy to disable ultra-wide band in certain locations, to comply with regulations.

I’m not quite sure what value this statement adds to the article - for one, it assumes the people who had difficulties were using iPhones.

Whether it’s tech companies or carriers letting cops order use of the remote disabling feature or just ordinary signal jamming, this is the next logical step of modern fascism. The public really needs an emergency strategy for mesh networked cameras. The quality will likely suck, but it’s better than a blackout.

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