Obama Farewell


You know, I’m not a fan of a bunch of stuff Obama did but I’m going to miss him anyway, especially after hearing Trump try to make words come out of his mouth last night.


Agreed. I have serious problems, especially with his foreign policy and the continued expansion of the security state, but it was a great speech and he did some good.


If I don’t see it happening that he didn’t really leave office.


Thanks, Obama!



I didn’t watch cause I would have had feelings and been reminded of who is moving into the White House.



I don’t care what party or side anyone’s on; I can’t fathom listening to or reading this speech and finding hatred for America anywhere in it. Obama is one of the great orators in all of our lifetimes, and I have great respect for the man and his legacy.


My only complaint about this speech is that I wish his administration had embodied the virtues of which he speaks moreso than it did. The sentiments expressed are what America is about.


But… but… he’s a Kenyan Muslim Marxist Socialist Black Panther! …because I say so! :wink:




Honestly, the best part was when he talked about his family and Biden.



I will miss the bromance! Ah well, we always have the memes to keep us warm in the coming nuclear winter.


I like how he initially responded to Obama with a finger point.


Classic Biden!


Found it and made a gif of it myself!


Sounds perfect!


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Here I am, stuck in the middle* with you :notes:

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