Obama to end silence with first post-presidency speaking appearance in Chicago


I see your point.

BTW: What I see now on this thread are clear lines being drawn in the sand on what Prez Obama should and shouldn’t say; both sides have valid points. For me, though, I have no lingering concern with how Obama should proceed; if only one person could be both presidential AND intelligently kick-ass, it would be PRESIDENT OBAMA.


Didn’t he say something during the travel ban tho, it was something short and quick, and then he went back to vacationing. . .>_>


i guess you missed the complete failure of every institution that was supposed to stop an unqualified charlatan from becoming president. or perhaps you missed the ongoing dismantling of the regulatory state, the steep decline in global confidence in our nation’s ability to do anything positive, and the ongoing attempts to take healthcare away from tens of millions of people, the continuing project to jail/disenfranchise minorities, the outlandish levels of official corruption…


wups I’m mistaken, I thought monday will be the 23rd not the 24th :slight_smile: (lost track of the day)


You guessed wrong. I didn’t miss any of that. Instead, you probably misread my question. How exactly are you fighting it? You mentioned ‘fighting to hold on to what’s left of our country’.


…and there’s the core of the problem with the Obama presidency.

He went into the job hyper-aware that he needed to maintain a scandal-free legacy for the sake of potential future non-white presidents, and he succeeded in that.

But, in doing so, he prioritised his legacy over the welfare of the people. His conservatism and caution failed the needs of the time.


Vigorously encouraging political action is the right approach. Taking potshots at Dumpland would only be preaching to the choir, and serve as validation to Trumpketeers — “See, that guy we hate doesn’t like the guy we like, so we must be right!”


I’m not sure that’s entirely fair, especially given that republican point blank refused to work with him on anything.

I do think that, once we have some distance from it (say, a couple hundred years maybe) then his presidency will be viewed as pedestrian, but part of his legacy has to be that it’s acceptable to vote non-white for the highest office.


Guys, the lede was buried! Obama was secretly prepping Oprah for a 2020 run!!!

Then we can finally out this national nightmare behind us.


Are we still talking about Trump or George W. Bush?


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