Ocala, FL criminalizes sagging pants




This just in… Plumber shortage in Ocala, FL due to 3-strikes law.


Not interested in the usual apologetics for how this law is somehow not racist. I’d like to see a description of where they think the “natural waistline” is. My wife seems to set it an inch or two above her navel, but she acknowledges the proper waist for men is lower. Can we get a ruling from Tim Gunn or someone credible?


That is what I was wondering… The front of these pants appears to drop at least 2 inches below the rest of his waistline.


Ocala should fire their legal representation. SCOTUS has ruled multiple times that clothing is expression covered by the 1st Amendment. And a possible 14th Amendment challenge/civil rights violation suit, for extra taxpayer expense the first time this ordinance is enforced.


I don’t know how credible you are going to consider me, but my undergraduate degree is in costume. Not fashion, where you design for stick insects, but costuming where you have to make clothes that fit actual working humans who are going to sweat like mad eight shows a week.

“Natural waist” in costuming is the narrowest point around a human torso, starting below the ribs. If you take a piece of elastic, tie it snugly around you and go move around for a bit, where it rolls to on your body and stops is the natural waist.

Men’s fashion has put the waistline for men’s pants, below the natural waist since the 1960s. Beer guts have driven the pants-waist even lower.

Any human wearing low-rise jeans/pants is going to have their pants anywhere from 2"-4" below their natural waists to start.

I think this is where the strategic word “sagging” comes in. Make sure your lowriders are skinny jeans from now on, peeps!


Now I want to know what sort of other-than-natural waistlines are out there, terrifying the good people of Ocala…

Are there unnatural waistlines? Do victims of horrific waist accidents get prosthetic ones? What does that even mean?


Yes, there are unnatural waistlines. That’s the entire point of “fashion.”


I don’t believe men have a waistline, so perhaps the law is sexist after all.


Ocala, FL criminalizes sagging pants

… and rightly so. Maybe I’m getting old - but don’t they teach kids today how to wear pants anymore? I thought it’s a basic skill since roughly Pre-Pottery Neolithic A.


Waist not, want not?


It’s fun to chase young men in sagging pants because they look hilarious when they try to run.

It’s truly a ridiculous look but it’s not the proper place of the government to legislate against looking ridiculous.


What about the public scourge of “back boob”?


Please don’t stray into this territory …


Sorry, I went to Walmart last night. It’s still burned into memory. I’ve… seen things you people wouldn’t believe… Back boobs in the frozen foods aisle. I watched Rascals with 400lb men cruise near the cereal aisle. All those… moments… will be lost in time, like… tears… in… rain. Time… to die…


It strongly appears that they used a phrase that has a recognized quasi-technical meaning (also, see almost any chart explaining sizing) but did so thinking it meant something entirely different. If any of the police officers are not in violation, I’d be surprised.


Now I’m really wondering what definition they had in mind, as this clearly isn’t what they meant - most people would be in violation of this ordinance - unless the “sagging” bit is crucial. (Someone should really insist that this be consistently applied.) Of course, I’m probably giving them too much credit - they probably didn’t give any thought as to the definition of natural waist.
Wherever they think the natural waist is, the obvious response to this is to start wearing one’s underwear pulled up to just under the armpits.


That there is what you call a “front butt!”


You beat me to it!

Joe the Plumber best avoid Ocala, FL!


I think its too late to criminalize it, it’s a fashion created by criminals! It’s origins is poorly fitting prison duds where they won’t give you belts. Similarly, the fashion for puffy Northface jackets and Timberland boots comes from the dealers who have to stand out on the corner all night even in winter. People can’t complain about profiing when they profile themselves!

As for Ocala, love it, but it’s probably illegal.